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Amber A2

From the summer and into the autumn!

Based on an older map of the same name. Now with actual effort!
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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  • Heatwave
    A remake of an older, more terrible map.
  • Overflow
    Who gives a damn about a dam? Damn dam...

Latest updates

  1. The Alpha 2 Update!

    Changelog: Spawns: -Spawn times now have been adjusted according to owned/lost points. -2nd Forward spawn now moved forward more to reduce walk time. Last Point: -Modified with a slight route change and opened up more -Condensed sentry areas...
  2. Medkit/Ammo change update

    Medkits/Ammo -Moved medkit in between 2nd and mid up towards mid more. -Added small health kit to the mid battlements -Changed medium medkit in front of second forward spawn into a small kit -Placed small health kit and moved ammo kit to the left...
  3. The Mini-Update

    Changelog Changed out some med-kits/ammo areas for larger and smaller ones. As well as moved them around. Made the Lobby area one large area instead of separating it. Changed lighting angle. Reduced the size of mid by 256 units Reduced the size...