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Overflow Beta 5

Who gives a damn about a dam? Damn dam...

  1. shadowslasher11
    Inspired off an older map of mine called koth_outflow.

    Welcome to Mann Dam! Built in 1910 and suffered numerous rebuilds due to alien invasions, accidental missile launches, and Mr. Hale hitting the base of the thing trying to prove a point. We provide power to all those throughout the badlands in this clean and efficient (and blood filled) water that comes full force through our turbines with thousands of pounds of crushing force.

    We do hope you will come join us and be apart of our large team of engineering majors. See you soon!

    Special thanks to:
    • Construction Pack Team for creating the Construction Pack's assets used in this map.
    • Rexy's badass model making skills for the Forklift
    • evil knevil and NassimO for the Delivery Van models


    1. 2015-10-26_00003.jpg
    2. 2015-10-26_00004.jpg
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    10. 2015-10-26_00012.jpg
    11. 2015-10-26_00013.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Yellow
    Version: B2
    Pretty fun map. Oddly enough the open space works for it very well.
  2. radarhead
    Version: B2
    Fun map, the open design is a bit odd, but it plays really well. The detailing is spot on as well!