72hr Jam 2022 Afterblaze A2 Reupladed

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I had this tagged the wrong way so it wasn't appearing on the Recently Updated section of the front page. Staff have changed my tags, and this reupload will fix it, thanks @phi .
Alpha 2 is here! Here are the changes:
  • Pseudo-detailed a lot
  • Changed the way mid is built so it is easier to work with internally
  • Added a sun in the sky
  • Changed all door textures to that similar to the prop
  • Replaced forward spawn doors with brush based ones, also uses "no entry" door textures on the outside
  • Mid Changes:
    • Made mid less open, made it more structured rather than freeflow
    • Changed locations of some of the entrances so that they aren't just all over the place, instead more close together
    • Replaced many of the rocks with buildings/more blocky-er structures, so that it's easier to jump on as scout, and easier for soldiers and demos to put splash damage on, this also blocks sightlines better
    • Added crates to the Mid bridge to give players more cover on it
    • Indented the shutter doors
    • Made the holes on the roof of the bridge slightly wider
  • Second Changes:
    • Changed the location of an entrance into second
    • Made it easier for non-jumping classes to get onto the top level of second
    • Moved the health/ammo on the defender's side of Second back a bit
  • Last/Lobby Changes:
    • Made Last much bigger
    • Moved the point back
    • Rotated and raised the granary conveyers
    • Added a shed, and a raised concrete section
    • Adjusted the entrance door from Sewer to Last
    • Added some snazzy steam sounds to the pipes in Sewer
    • Removed a way to enter lobby, replaced it with a stairway/doorway to get onto second from lobby