Medieval Aeon A16

Isolated. On an Island. Medieval MvM.

  1. UPGRADE!! #12

    Good news everybody!
    • All major lag fixed.
    • Fixed (hopefully) all prior crashes.
    • Engineer buildings should work as intended.
    Major Changes for A12
    • Environment light has been reduced.
    • Fixed thirdperson mode stutter upon spectating after dying.
    • Fixed bug with cash collecting more HP/ammo than intended.
    • Fixed crash with naming logic crashing the server.
    • Added RED gatebot speak when BLU starts capturing.
    • Added the Tank Saw. Place on path "tanksaw_path" to get it working. (Can only use 1 while alive. Resets from tank_dead_relay)
    • Removed sound replacement for Engineer HUD damage warning. (it sounded like static)
    • Fixed bug where players could get into ref pose by changing melee weapon at upgrade station.

    Weapon Stripping System
    • Fixed bugs with weapon stripping system. Should now work exactly as intended!
    • Sapper now permanently blacklisted.
    • Robots won't go into ref pose anymore!

    Engineer Buildings
    • Further tightened logic's "nuts 'n' bolts."
    • Changed building HP invalue to 2000 for all buildings (instead of max +1)
    • Buildings no longer level in 200HP increments, instead always being at regular Level 3 building's health (216). Should make HP Upgrades OK without having to destroy building.
    • Further reduced entities spawned from buildings due to redundancy. This should improve server performance.
    • Fixed being able to see buildings with RED outlines addcond 114.
    • Fixed buildings appearing for a split second on first placement.
    • Fixed buildings not spawning with the correct amount HP.

    • Mad Milk duration up from 3 to 6.
    • If hit Ally, adds Vampirism (6s) in addition to overheal (0.3s).
    • Syringe velocity increased from 1143 to 1643
    • Fire rate changed. Health cost changed.
    • Damage per syringe reduced from 45 to 35.
    • Fixed mini not shooting.
    • Fixed mini not being haulable.
    • Resized buildings to 0.6 after placement.

    • Detonation time in the air extended from 0.8 to 1.5
    • Fixed bug where Ballista would shoot multiple arrows.
    • Fixed bug where Ballista would shoot upon placement.
    • Fixed bug where Ballista would be invisible, not work unless hauled and placed again.
    • Resized buildings to 0.9 after placement.

    • Does not cost anything to uber self. Thus, does not cost HP upon uber.
    • Still does uber for 3 seconds when struck by an enemy.
    • Fixed vgui_screen flash upon placement.
    • Resized buildings to 1.1 after placement.

    • Removed melee attack bonus due to permanent being applied.
    • Resized buildings to 1.1 after placement.

    • Winterbridge should now actually work. No syntax errors OR gatebot issues.
    • Added "MaxVisionRange 600" to most robots that use melee.

    All Relays, ClassIcons, Tags info
    Bomb: Bomb(s) spawn upon BLU capturing CP1. It instantly teleports to the next robot that spawns.
    Bomb: One bomb is spawned by using relays "wave_start_relay_classic" or "wave_start_relay_ironman", which spawn a bomb without a return timer and one with a 60 second one, respectively. Can add more with a few relays mentioned below.
    Ironman CP: It is possible to recapture the control point as RED. When RED caps, all bombs reset.

    Place the "Quoted" part as part of entity's Action.
    • wave_init_relay_oceanlevel - Packs all heights into one relay. "FireUser1" for lowest wave level, "FireUser2" for level 1 height, "FireUser3" for level 2 height, "FireUser4" for level 3 highest water level.
    • wave_start_relay_classic - Adds one bomb with no return timer AFTER CP1 is captured.
    • wave_start_relay_ironman - Adds one bomb with a 60 second return timer AFTER CP1 is captured.
    • relay_oceanlevel_raise - "FireUser1" and "Trigger" raises ocean by 1 and sounds alarm. "FireUser2" raises by 2, "FireUser3" raises by 3. Fireuser4 does nothing.
    • relay_oceanlevel_lower - "FireUser1" and "Trigger" LOWERS ocean by 1 and sounds alarm. "FireUser2" lowers it by 2, "FireUser3" lowers it by 3. Fireuser4 does nothing.
    • add_noreturn_bomb_relay - "Trigger" Adds an additional bomb with no return timer AFTER CP1 is captured.
    • add_ironman_bomb_relay - "Trigger" Adds a bomb with a 60s shot-clock return timer AFTER CP1 is captured.
    • cp1_relay - "FireUser1" Set CP1 to RED. "FireUser2" Set CP1 to BLU.
    • cp1_ironman_relay - "Enable" When CP1 is captured by BLU, RED can recapture. Upon RED cap, all bombs explode (dealing damage to BLU) and reset.
    • upgradestation_forward_midwave_relay - "FireUser1" to enable, "FireUser2" to disable. Comes with messages.
    • cp1_oceanlevel_raise_template - "ForceSpawn" Can use up to 3 times. Upon BLU cap CP1, water rises by the amount of times used.
    • cp1_oceanlevel_lower_template - "ForceSpawn" Can use up to 3 times. Upon RED cap CP1, water lowers by the amount of times used.



    bot_giant - Tag for giants. Currently does nothing.
    bot_gatebot - Tag for gatebots. All bots use this before CP1 capture. Prevents any intel from being carried (until CP1 is captured, at which point it is removed.
    bot_chargin - Bot is constantly charging like a Demoknight.
    bot_milked - Applies target with Mad Milk.
    bot_jarated - Applies target with Jarate.
    bot_invisible - Applies Spy's invisibility cloak on target.
    bot_healing - Target is healed constantly, up to overheal 200%.
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