Medieval Aeon A15

Isolated. On an Island. Medieval MvM.

  1. UPGRADE!! #10

    Undocumented changes from A9
    • Changed fake water to add 0.05 second swimming upon leaving the swimming trigger. (hopefully this reduces stuttering when floating on the surface of water)
    • Engineer buildings should always be able to be built now. NO future guns!

    Major Changes in A10
    • Fixed bug where grabbing money spoils didn't add health and ammo after dying once.
    • Added tutorial text to tell players that money recovers HP and ammo.
    • Fixed bug where effect bar recharge rate items were actually charging slower rather than faster.
    • Fixed placement and shadows of the Moai heads.
    • Optimized map with a hint/skip brush.
    • Added a dropdown zone for players to get to CP1 faster.
    • Added new sniper perch locations.
    • Changed bombsite hallway slope to incline more smoothly.
    • Retextured green glass to lined red glass (Credit: Crash)
    • Ocean water now slows down players and robots -20%.
    • Ocean water swimming height adjusted.
    • Solved CP1 beach doors killing the player who are standing under them. Instead, it checks to see if the player is still in the doorway, then closes it only if they aren't.
    • Added no build zone in the same doorway.
    • Added lights in places that really needed them.
    • Added soundscapes.
    • Rearranged RED respawn room.
    • Fixed bug where sirens go off when water level lowers.
    • Tank door retextured, moves slower and sounds like something now yay.
    • memes and debug_relay

    Engineer Buildings
    • Ballista
      • Increased sound range of minicrit hit sound.
      • Reduced arrow speed from 2033 -> 1833

    • Grill
      • Removed stand from model.
      • Added team skins.
      • Updated logic.
      • Fixed bug where you could pickup then drop building to reactivate the meat buffs.
      • Added faster firing rate buff on meat pickup.

    • relay_oceanlevel_raise - "FireUser1" and "Trigger" raises ocean by 1 and sounds alarm. "FireUser2" raises by 2, "FireUser3" raises by 3. Fireuser4 does nothing.
    • relay_oceanlevel_lower - "FireUser1" and "Trigger" LOWERS ocean by 1 and sounds alarm. "FireUser2" lowers it by 2, "FireUser3" lowers it by 3. Fireuser4 does nothing.
    • upgradestation_forward_midwave_relay - "FireUser1" to enable, "FireUser2" to disable. Comes with messages.
    • cp1_relay - "FireUser1" Set CP1 to RED. "FireUser2" Set CP1 to BLU.
    • cp1_ironman_relay - "Enable" When CP1 is captured by BLU, RED can recapture. Upon RED cap, all bombs explode (dealing damage to BLU) and reset.
    • relay_once_cp1_oceanlevel_raise - "ForceSpawn" Can use up to 3 times. Upon BLU cap CP1, water rises by the amount of times used.
    • relay_once_cp1_oceanlevel_lower - "ForceSpawn" Can use up to 3 times. Upon RED cap CP1, water lowers by the amount of times used.


    Known issues
    • No notice signs on what height each water level is.
    • Can't haul gunslingers still.
    • Grilled Meat doesn't heal sometimes.
    • Dispenser flashes invincibility each regeneration tick.
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