Medieval Aeon A15

Isolated. On an Island. Medieval MvM.

  1. UPGRADE!! #8

    • Updated weapon stripping system to reduce strain on server. Hopefully this was the source of the crash.
    • Added Sapper to weapon blacklist.
    • Added Scout Pistol to weapon blacklist.
    • Updated geometry on beach area due to feedback.
    • Glass is no longer slippery.
    • Players shouldn't take fall damage from CP1 to tunnel area (as long as they don't jump).
    • Fixed bug with Ironman relay. When RED captures CP1, now opens doors and enables navs.
    • Capturing CP1 as RED makes all bombs explode and forcereset.
    • Added missing soundscape in mid area.
    • Added "NEW" items in a glass box, and fixed Thermal Thruster not being there.

    • Fixed Rottenburg having bad syntax. Should work now.
    • Changed Coaltown mission to: Janitor Aisle 5 (It isn't Coaltown anymore!)

    Known Issues
    • Target Dummy is actually immune to damage at full hp
    • Brazier Grill has a few bugs. Namely, putting down the building instantly grants meat buffs, it doesn't heal sometimes...
    • Gunslinger still busted.
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