[3CP] Dispose A4

A 3CP map mildly inspired by Powerhouse

  1. Alpha 4 Released

    -Minor detailing in indoor areas
    -Textured side building in middle
    -Added 3D skybox
    -Minor detailing on bunkers
    -Detailed backgrounds

    I also repacked the map as requested and put the version number in the bsp name.
  2. Alpha 3 Released

    Alpha 3 Released! Here's the changelog:

    -Added bunkers outside with health and ammo
    -Removed connecting rooms from main entrances to control points
    -Added another staircase to left side that leads to main entrance
    -Textured new roof geometry
    -More detailing in secondary garages
    -Moved props in window rooms
    -Moved window in window rooms to show the connector between control points and main entrance
    -Adjusted skins on a few props on Blu's side
  3. Alpha 2 Released

    Alpha 2 Released

    • Added more props around middle control point
    • More props and geometry on roofs of each base
    • Clipped behind the sheds to stop bots from trying to go behind them
    • More props in garages
    • Minor detailing at middle