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2020 Map a3v2

A booming, industrial warehouse setting between RED and BLU's bases.

This is my first map ever, as well as my first download on this site. I'm excited to bring you all a (currently) unnamed map that takes place in an industrial warehouse that takes great inspiration from Well and Powerhouse.

This is a 5 CP map with areas taking place inside and outside, on high grounds and low grounds, all pulled together into a fully functional control points setting. Texturing and advanced brushwork will be added once the map is tested and is found to work well. I hope you all enjoy this map as much as I did making it, and any feedback is highly advised.

Dr. Medicine
First release
Last update
Capture Points

Latest updates

  1. Minor Update 1

    Hey all, I just adjusted some things around the map to improve gameplay and adjust the way the map plays out. *Added more cover around mid *Removed some cargo containers that made areas feel too cluttered *Added clipping around the barrels at...