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14bit MC5 A4

PASS Time!

  1. A4: The bonus goals got rotated

    People keep giving feedback that they only want to push through the broken building. I don't know what you're trying to tell me by saying "this route is the main route!" over and over. I designed it that way; that's supposed to be the main route. Please let me know why you think that's important enough to feedback; I don't know what to do with the the statement that the main route is the main route.

    The focus of this update is to keep making the bonus goals even harder. Teams did...
  2. A3: I moved the spawns

    I'm really happy with how receptive everyone has been of this map, and it seems to be playing alright. The biggest issue is how often teams are going for the bonus goal; I'm currently running on the assumption that it's too easy to reach the launcher for it, rather than it being too far forward.
    • Rebuilt forward spawns and surrounding area
      • They've been pushed back quite a bit
      • The goal of this is to allow for better defense of the bonus goal, instead of spawning you at...
  3. A2: There's more trees now

    I tried to upload this once, but the power went out the moment I pressed the button.

    Changes to Mid:
    • Raised the launch pads at mid slightly
    • Added some more rocks around mid
    • Added some railings to parts of Mid
    • Adjusted displacements around mid
    • Added more ramps going up to the broken buildings from mid
    Changes to Boost Pads:
    • Adjusted existing boost pad positions
    • Marked boost pads with overlays
    • Added new boost pads under mid
    • Added new boost pads...
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