What's the definiative method, if there is one, to run Hammer on mac?

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    Apologies for the long post.
    First time poster to these fourms just because I can't seem to find help elsewhere.
    I've gotten an itch to make maps. Problem is, right now all I have acess to is a Mac laptop. It's capable of running Source games (albeit at low settings) and things of the like moderatley well. Problem is - there's no version of Hammer directley avalable for Mac.

    My journey so far has consisted of making a Windows Steam via Wineskin, (and Wine, of course) installing TF2 on that (which seems to work fine, although a little wonky at times) and trying to run hammer.bat/exe. This seems to be what most video tutorials do, but it won't work for me for two reasons - 1, the Team Fortress 2 hammer config appears to not be set up, as it asks me to create one, and 2 - creating a config and continuing results in Hammer throwing the old "gameinfo.txt is missing" error at me. I've read posts about porting Hammer to mac, and posts about the gameinfo.txt is missing error, but I haven't seen a post about somebody encountering one while trying the other. (You know what order I'm talking about.) I've tried some various solutions listed on https://tf2maps.net/threads/hammer-keeps-insisting-that-gameinfo-txt-is-missing.21540 but they've failed to work. I need some advice here!