team fortress 2

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  1. CyanideNoodles

    REQUEST need port models and textures for pay

    Hello, I am currently looking for someone to do 30 + models( all ports and majority very simple) from a Nintendo switch game. Need them made into compatible models for Team Fortress 2 . Looking to pay 200 to 400$ depending on how many we can do. I wouldnt need them until Early october. I also...
  2. D

    Russian Bear VS American Boot 1.0

    Payload race... kinda. Hope that you like it :)
  3. SSSmith


    OH, MY GOD! THIS IS A SANDWICH IN REAL LIFE I apologize for the mess and poor image quality. And one more thing... My mom helped me with this job :D Yes, I participate in 72 Hour Jam 2022
  4. Alfredo

    The painted engineer 2022-07-23

    Take it like a man, shorty.
  5. Der Erzähler

    TF2-Rayman Legends Soundtrack - Mariachi Madness (Eye of the Tiger) 2022-07-23

    Music video featuring tf2 characters to music from rayman legends Mariachi Madness (Eye of the Tiger) using taunts.
  6. Sandwich3000

    The only team they fear is Fortress 2022-07-22

    Обложка была сделана в студии Fl. Авторы: Juzzy Сэндвич3000
  7. SlashArs

    Pootis bird 2022-07-22

    Я не художник. Я пытался нарисовать что-то красивое и классное.
  8. Good Mudkip

    I miss

    So lately I've come to a realization about myself and what I've been looking for in terms of TF2 community servers. If I'm being perfectly honest, I'm kinda let down in terms of what the community offers in terms of TF2 custom servers. It's not that I don't like what they offer, it's just they...
  9. andry-onepece

    My second entry 2021-12-20

    Hey I also gave Gmod a try! I tried my best. I know the lighting is bad and the scout's projectile is weird but I had problem fixing those so I tried to fix them the way I knew how. Here's some other VERY slightly different thumbnails. AND HERE IS THE REALLY CURSED SHIT
  10. wadmodder1999

    The mysteries & theories of CP_Cloak, the weird TF2 test map that Valve & nobody talks about.

    We are all more or less familiar with the weird test map included with Team Fortress 2 since the SteamPipe update of May 2013. That map of course is CP_Cloak, a map criticized by player for it's poor design, undetailed geometry & brushes, bad lighting, the crappy skybox with those weird boxes &...
  11. vrkian

    Kings of Hearts 2020-09-07

    Here’s my entry for the 2020 72hr Jam! I went quite a ways out of my comfort zone for this, and I’m extremely happy this came out as well as it did. Huge thank you to Ardate from LazyPurple’s Discord server for helping me with shading techniques! I owe her my life. (Lastly, an obligatory plug...
  12. VAEI

    KONG KING 2020-09-07

    Do you like Chinese cityscapes? I do :> SFM + Photoshop Made this in 5~ hours
  13. Portabruh

    Multi Stage Antarctica A1

    I made this in a couple hours a few weeks ago. I'm not getting it play-tested yet because I don't have access to Discord right now, but I'll play-test it when I do. I'm also not sure why I'm uploading this right now, because it's a bad map and I can't play-test it. But here, if you want to play...
  14. Wilson

    Cenation A1E

    Push John Cena into the RED Backyard Wrestling's squared circle, so he can destroy it before their debut on national television. Made for April Fool's contest 2020. Features John Cena, cars, Michael Cole's screams of pain, a wrestling ring and a gay baby jail. Don't expect many updates on...
  15. wadmodder1999

    Early TF2 map concept art, screenshots & sketches of official maps

    Have you guys ever seen the earliest map concept art, screenshots & sketches of official TF2 maps on the useful If you don't know what they look like here's these two links on what they look like with more or less detail...
  16. wadmodder1999

    Should the unreleased console version content updates be considered lost media?

    You guys may had heard many years ago about Valve planning to release the PC-exclusive content to the Xbox 360 version of Team Fortress 2 on The Orange Box back in 2007-2009, while the PS3 version of Team Fortress 2 on The Orange Box only got updated once (as Valve outsourced that version to an...
  17. Daddy Leon

    Doctor for the 72 Hour Jam 2019 2019-08-05

    softwares used: SFM and Sai. Mediс Skin by Denise Makar Cane by Alaxe the Cape is made of sniper cosmetics tf2 Other props tf2 And my drawing in Sai Map: dark_room
  18. dumbldee

    le helen 2019-08-04

    i bet she had a hard day an entry to 72 h jam
  19. CyanideNoodles

    REQ looking for someone to covert to tf2 models

    Hello! I have my hand on a bunch of pokemon and animal crossing new leaf and pocket camp files, I need them made into tf2 models , I have the files for the games. You would be paid via paypal for the commissioned project and the deadlines are very relaxed and easy going. Hoping someone could...
  20. Hoovytron 9000

    What's the definiative method, if there is one, to run Hammer on mac?

    Apologies for the long post. First time poster to these fourms just because I can't seem to find help elsewhere. I've gotten an itch to make maps. Problem is, right now all I have acess to is a Mac laptop. It's capable of running Source games (albeit at low settings) and things of the like...