What would YOU add to TF2?

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Feb 9, 2020
We've all been at a point where after banging your head against the Source engine's jankiness, you came up with something that you'd absolutely want to be added into TF2, such as entities, features, console commands and other technical stuff.

This is a thread for you to tell others about your wacky ideas for anything that would make the creation of any custom content for TF2 easier.


Sep 5, 2014
(EDIT: This is basically the same as the post above, but with a much harder solution. Oh well.)

This is a very wild fantasy and will not happen in a bazillion years, but I want all the gamemodes to be reworked internally to be less hard-coded.

Team Fortress Classic (and other Goldsrc multiplayer games) was designed in a way where there were basically no specific gamemode entities; you just stuck a flag in the map, put some capture points and spawnrooms and HUD elements in and away you went. It allowed for much more creative maps and gamemodes.

Meanwhile, in TF2, aside from some specific combinations, it's very hard to create something unique that works well since all the tf_logic entities are constantly fighting eachother. Things like Player Destruction are god damn miracles. Just getting Payload carts to work in an Arena map requires some nutty workarounds.
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