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    I'm currently working on a new trade map and I have the problem that the vvis takes too long when compiling (~50 mins)
    I've also noticed the map has a bigger file size than the other maps I've made.
    I don't know what causes it and how to fix it. I've already used cheap water textures.
    Here's the map download:
    All "custom" models and textures there are from the tf2maps packs and from crash's mapping tutorial

    It would be awesome if someone could check it out and find the problems I couldn't find. I've also checked the compile log.
    And the map isn't even finished yet...
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    When I loaded up your map, the first thing I noticed was a total lack of func_detail anywhere within the map. You've got a lot of small geometry that's not blocking visibility at all, which would make great candidates for func_detailing. (I recommend you go back and rewatch Crash's tutorial on func_detail.)

    Additionally, you've got lots of wide, open space in your map. Placing func_viscluster entities in open, unobstructed areas can greatly reduce compile times while sacrificing no performance.
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