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  1. Startacker!

    VVIS and VRAD not running? Download the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable!

    It's uncommon, but every now and then a thread pops up in the Mapping Help & Discussion subforum where this is included in the compile log: So what's going on here? Simply put, VVIS and VRAD (what makes your optimization and lighting) depend on the Microsoft Visual C++ redistribute packages...
  2. B

    vvis/vrad/lighting problems

    So I am new to hammer, and trying to learn it. I watch UEAKCrash's tutorial of hammer, and currently i am watching this, chapter 1, episode 4: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMoYpKPBZpU&list=PL2KT0JL74Qff_c1WbqNi4K5yAmpWAUQlq&index=4 But I face some problems, as you can see is 2:20 of...
  3. T

    Vvis and Vrad not loading

    I have a new mapping concept which I think is pretty great, but I cant get much further into the development process until I fix this one issue. Hammer decided to be a dumb and not include vvis and vrad in the compile process. I am unsure on what is causing this. I looked at some other forums...
  4. The_Gl!tch.exe

    vvis problem

    I'm currently working on a new trade map and I have the problem that the vvis takes too long when compiling (~50 mins) I've also noticed the map has a bigger file size than the other maps I've made. I don't know what causes it and how to fix it. I've already used cheap water textures. Here's the...
  5. Werewolf

    Flickering visibility through glass

    I am having a visibility issue in one of my maps that I can't get my head around. Basically certain items in the map appear to flicker when viewed, but only from a particular location. I recorded this to help demonstrate: The spinning item you see is a func_rotating, and wall around it that...
  6. FloofCollie

    Fixing the vvis/vrad problem without the Visual C Runtime?

    So the problem with Hammer not finding/using vvis.exe or vrad.exe is still affecting me after I installed Visual C (I ran the redistributable and I guess that was the wrong one). I'd really like to fix this without getting someone else to confirm their credentials (I'm not admin on my PC), does...
  7. Zizinhu

    Can't load VVIS/VRAD

    Pretty self explanatory title,but anyways; All the maps that i compile in hammer appear with a message like this: vvis launcher error: can't load vvis_dll.dll (same for vrad) It started happening about a month ago and i literally have no idea how to fix it (I'm quite new to mapping) Does...
  8. Werewolf

    'Can't load vvis_dll.dll / vrad_dll.dll' Error

    Ever since the Jungle update, I have not been able to compile maps properly. Whenever I try, I get the following messages in the compile log: ** Executing... ** Command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin\vvis.exe" ** Parameters: -threads 3 -game "C:\Program Files...
  9. D

    Not sure why map is now taking a really long time to compile, and not run.

    Okay, so I started to do some detailing on my map and I feel like I ran into a problem. Ill try to give as much info as I can to help you help me. The compile time jumped up from about 4 minutes to about 54 minutes. Im not getting a leak as far as I can tell, there is no pointfile to load. The...
  10. Da Spud Lord

    VVIS is Crapping the Bed

    2 areas of my map that are supposed to be visible from one another aren't being linked in VVIS, causing a leak visual effect. See the video below: A screenshot of the area in Hammer: As you can see, no areaportals or other vis optimization techniques have been used (not here, or anywhere else...
  11. Werewolf

    Help with func_brush's disappearing for no apparent reason?

    I have various func_brush's that I am using around my map because they all receive the 'color' input at various points. My problem is that some of these brushes keep disappearing when viewed from certain points in the map. I had assumed it was a visibility issue and checked my portal file, and...
  12. Grubzer

    About hammer, compiling, and RAM.

    I installed more RAM on my computer. (Before - 4gb, now - 12 gb), but hammer compiler (vvis vrad and vbsp all together) still using 4 gb of RAM. How do i let them use more of RAM? Is there any limits?
  13. Werewolf

    Visiblity problem

    This is probably an easy fix that I'm sure has been asked and solved before, but I couldn't think how to describe the problem. Basically in 2 locations of my map, I can see a room that I'm not supposed to see. These 2 areas are the same, just mirrored. But I only see this error in these 2 areas...