Uploading to the servers

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we've all had better times to die
Feb 10, 2017
How can I play test my map on the servers?

Da Spud Lord

Occasionally I make maps
Mar 23, 2017
Go into the steam group chat. There's a bot there, use this command in the chat to send your map to the bot:
!add <map name> <download link> <notes for admin(s)>
<map name>: The name of the map, including the version string (a1) but not the file extension (.bsp).
<download link>: A direct link to download your map (not the map's overview page). Get this link by right-clicking on the download button for your map and copying the link address.
<notes for admins>: Any other notes or comments for the admin(s) on the gameday.
(Don't include the brackets)