The Summer 2016 7.2 Hour Contest!


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Aug 8, 2010

TF2Maps Presents...

The 7.2 Hour Contest
August 27th - September 4th

Thanks to Idolon for the header image.


Remember when we ran 72hr contests? Fun, right? Some of you might not have found them challenging enough though, so here we are again with our most difficult minor contest yet: the 7.2 Hour Contest. In this contest, we want you to make a map within seven hours and twelve minutes only: perhaps the ultimate speedmapping test. (Also, it's like 72 but smaller - you see the reference? Clever, eh?)

This is a great opportunity to test your skills, to try out that new idea you want without wasting whole days, or just to watch other people work. We want as many entrants as possible to stream their work - this is mapping as spectator sport! If you're a newer mapper, you're very welcome to join in, or to sit back and watch other people. We'll give out two sets of prizes: one each to the best gameplay and best detail, so you can work on whatever sort of thing you want to make.

You have seven hours and twelve minutes to make a map.
  • Two weekends will be available for you to enter: the 27th and 28th August, and the 3rd and 4th September.
  • You may enter both weekends once each. You may not work on the same project for both weekends - each weekend must be a separate, contained project you worked on only within the given time.
  • Shortly before these weekends, we'll put up a sign-up sheet where you input the time you want to start: you must submit your entry within 7.2 hours of your start time.
    • (So you can enter at whatever time in those weekends is convenient to you.)
    • If you don't sign up on the sheet, your entry will not be valid!
    • Respect the time limit! You may not start mapping until your time slot has begun.
  • A one-hour grace period may be available on a case-by-case basis at the contest host's discretion. This will be awarded only for unavoidable technical errors, or for mistakes that cause entries to breach the rules.
With the exception of packs such as the ABS mapper's resource, you must start from scratch.
  • Custom content created outside the contest time must be publically released before your chosen entry weekend. You may create models or textures during the contest time, though.
  • Collaborations are not allowed.
  • You may not use any elements from old maps. Simple prefabs, such as stairs, prop sets, and entity setups are allowed.
  • You may create sketches of your map before the start of the contest.
Maps must be fully functional and playable:
  • All spawns and gameplay logic must function correctly.
  • Maps must be fully lit.
  • Maps must be fully packed.
There are two categories: Gameplay and Detail. See "Judging" below for further details.
  • Detail maps don't need to be full layouts - they can just be pretty areas.
How To Enter
  • To enter, you need to sign up on the sign-up sheet before the start of the weekend.
    • If you don't sign up, your entry will not be valid!
  • This includes putting in the time you will start, which will give you a scheduled time to finish: You need to post your entry in the Submission Thread before that time!
  • All times are in UTC!
I'll post a schedule for who's streaming when. Streaming isn't mandatory, but i'd suggest it! Grizzly Berry and Crash have written a fantastic guide to Streaming For TF2 Mappers, which you should check out if you're a novice. If you're not working, why not watch some streams? It's a great way to learn new tricks, and to support other mappers.

Judging and Prizes
There will be two categories: Gameplay (which map is the most fun and balanced?) and Detail (which map is the nicest to look at?). For each category we will choose one winner and one runner-up. The winner will receive their choice of two games from the Prize Pool, and the runners-up will each receive one.

Judging will probably be done with a public vote weighted against a judge or panel of judges - however precise details on the judging pend seeing how many entries there are. We don't want to make promises we can't keep.

We intend to complete judging by the 19th September - however, once again, final details depend on the number of entries.

We will be attempting to run regular playtests during the contest time, however it is not guaranteed that your map can be tested!

Go forth and map! Get your plans ready - two weeks from now, the clock starts ticking!​
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Apr 10, 2014
Oh, this is going to be FUN and NOT AT ALL STRESSFUL.


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Jan 29, 2015


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Jul 4, 2015
Spoiler alert: Im not going to do mannpower.


Jun 7, 2015
Oh, another contest... i dont know what to do... what gamemode?

I dinne ken

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Apr 16, 2016
It will be interesting for streams, you could theoretically see the whole making of the map at once.


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Jun 8, 2015
This time I really have to make bluepapers

Oh, another contest... i dont know what to do... what gamemode?
Probably koth is the only one everyone can make in that time