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Forge, a foundry style King of the Hill map.

  1. Tekku
    Forge, a foundry style King of the Hill map, designed for standard pub and competitive gameplay.

    Workshop Page.

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    Bakscratch: For being a cool nerd and providing valuable gameplay feedback and also detailing a large chunk of the map, and providing lots of cool assets.
    Psy: For helping me out with early optimization of the map.
    Seba: Train track model.
    Stiffy: Custom beam models.
    Carn: For providing valuable competitive feedback.
    Wilson: For being a nerd and sharing his WWE knowledge which improved the map.
    TF2M Community: For being nerds and testing this map.
    Crash and Pennyarcade Community: For providing with an opportunity to test the map outside of TF2M.

    b2mblu.png b2mred.png b2mmid1.png b2mmid2.png b2mmid3.png b2mov.png
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Recent Updates

  1. Minor update
  2. Reupload
  3. b3a released

Recent Reviews

  1. GuitarFreak392
    Version: b3a
    Love this map! The plethora of tall buildings provided an excellent sense of scale too. Also, I didn't feel lost at all on this map. It was very clear where I could and could not go right from the beginning.

    The spawn rooms were really neat as well..
  2. Crowbar
    Version: b3
    actually seems to play well and look cool, quite so nerdy
    play it