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Spy vs. Sniper Gamemode

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    Spy Party - Spy vs. Sniper Gamemode

    The Spy vs. Sniper gamemode is a TF2 remake of the the "Spy Party" game. Compete in a 1v1 match as a spy or sniper.

    As a spy, complete objectives while blending in with the crowd.

    As a sniper, look out for someone acting suspicious and out of place.

    How to play:

    BLU players must be spies and one is chosen at random. You will have a few seconds of setup time to blend in with the crowd, so choose an appropriate disguise. Once the game starts, red tiles indicate objectives' location. Hold alt-fire when prompted, to complete an objective. After all objectives are complete, head to the exit (where you started).

    RED players must be snipers and one is chosen at random after the spy is chosen. Be careful not to misfire, because you will only get one chance to press primary-fire. Your weapon has been modifying to fire armor piercing rounds, so there's no need aim for headshots. One-hit, one-kill. Be certain of your target, because the mission will be forfeit if an innocent is killed.

    • Bots like to chill for about 8 seconds before moving to a new spot.
    • Bots do not fidget or twitch unless they are pushed away from their current location target.
    • Take note of class counts because the spy can change disguises.
    • Do not be trigger happy as sniper.
    • Spectate a few rounds to see how other people play.

    Caution: The map uses bots, so if the server has too many players, the bots will fail to spawn.

    To run around the map/test objectives with only one player, you will need cheats enabled with
    sv_cheats 1
    To override waiting for a class to be chosen, use the appropriate command when prompted.
    ent_fire relay_sniper_chosen trigger
    ent_fire relay_spy_chosen trigger

    Features coming soon: Support for multiple stages.
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    The stuff you create blows my mind, and this is no exception. Well done!
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    Sounds like a good idea!
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    Added multistage support. The stage is picked at random, and for testing purposes, stage 2 has a higher chance of being chosen.

    • multistage support
    • added a timed indication of objective progress
    • added new location for documents in stage 1
    • fixed typo in some relays
    • For stage 2, bots will now choose a random stay time before moving on (will apply to stage 1 if it works well).

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