CP Sally Valley

Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Muddy, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Muddy

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    Why do they call it "Sally Valley"? The answer is simple: it's a valley.

    It's also a small 5cp map with a probably temporary name.
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  2. radarhead

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    Looks pretty interesting and balanced for your first map! However, I would suggest that in the future, it is easier to release first versions of maps in dev textures rather than detailed buildings as dev textures make it easier to modify the layout if needed.
  3. Muddy

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    The map was originally in dev textures, but I got bored of them...

    Anyway, thanks!
  4. RubbishyUser

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    This map does look interesting!

    Yeah, many people decide not to go for dev textures when they get a clear idea of what they want the map to look like - and if that's before they release a1 then so be it.

    I'm a little worried about that midpoint - is that a deathpit? Deathpit's and 5cp don't tend to work so well because those capturing the point need an incentive to stay there, and scary deathpits all around won't do that. That means they are less likely to go for the point, and since it isn't A/D things just stalemate out.

    Testing may prove otherwise, of course.
  5. Zed

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    Just looking around the map it feels a bit like Fastlane, which might not be a good thing.

    It's pretty easy to get lost here. Second and last are surprisingly far flung, and there's routes all over the place that are incredibly limited. There's also little cover surrounding both points. Then you have mid where the entire area around the point has a height advantage, and there's only one safe way for most classes to get back up. And there's a deathpit thrown in there... That's just asking for trouble.

    Maybe things will be different when this gets tested.
  6. Muddy

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    Yeah, mid's gonna be completely redone in a2. I don't know what I was thinking when I made it.

    The gameday test gave some good feedback, but it seems the main problems (despite the aforementioned deathpit) was that the whole map felt a little large and there wasn't enough signage. And I forgot to put in a round timer. Oops.

    Anyway, ignoring that one guy who called the map "horrible" and a "shithole", I guess the test went pretty well. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Vert

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    Because you seem so keen on detailing,

    "This map seems cool, with a nice theme,
    but there's one thing on which I'm not keen.
    Blu side doesn't seem Blu enough,
    There's neutral textures - needs more Blu stuff."

    Another beautiful verse by Vert the rhyming triangle.
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  8. Muddy

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    * stopped mid from sucking (ie I completely redid mid)
    * made map areas smaller and less open
    * slightly lowered capture times
    * removed A, B, C signs
    * improved signage
    * improved optimisation
    * added some health/ammo pickups
    * changed skybox texture to something more interesting (sky_gravel_01)
    * added a round timer, because I, like, totally didn't forget to do that last time
    * moved the resupply cabinets to a more readily-visible portion of wall
    * removed high-up door at mid because it probably would have been a little too OP a sniper spot - also changed one of the windows to allow players to climb through
    * negated wildly overpowered and uncounterable (idk if that's even a word) sentry spot at the final control point

    (also I couldn't be arsed to deal with cubemaps before taking screenshots, deal with it)
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  9. Muddy

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    * added cover to second and mid control points (and also a bit for the final cp's)
    * changed route between second and mid so it's shorter and simpler
    * stole borrowed Granary's environment lighting
    * lightened up some dark areas
    * shortened spawn times a little
    * decorated control points a little for visibility
    * added a few direction signs
    * added some health/ammo packs and also changed some of the existing ones
    * fixed some dodgy clipping
    * also fixed some dodgy skybox brushes
    * also fixed some dodgy optimisation
    * added a way up that building near the main spawnrooms
    * other misc changes

    This would have come out earlier but my internet's been acting up over these past few days. Not to imply that anyone actually cares.
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