Sadly, Koth_Decoy_Below_v14 [Open][Beta]

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    I have left TF2, the MyM update drew me to CS:GO and I haven't played TF2 in forever, and found this while browsing through my files... this is really sad for me because i LOVED making this map, every second of it. It is a partially serious map, the spycrabs should probably go (not even sure if I got them to work)

    I would like partial credit for this map, at least a mention would be nice

    I began making this map because I thought a post-mvm failure map would be cool. I just so happened to come up with the idea when I got a week-and-a-half off from school. I developed this map for probably a month (not continuously)

    Feel free to do anything you want, but if you do make progress with this can you message me on steam if you can find me? I would like to see anything that is done with it.

    If you keep the main design and just further the progress and add details, I ask that you keep the name decoy below, because I love it. You don't have to, and if the name doesn't meet your map idea then change it.

    I hope you get as much enjoyment out of making this map as I did, and keep it up, don't fall out of the loop like I did.

    [Dropbox link] (vmf, bsp, nav, prt, and log)

    I ask that you play the map's bsp before editing it.

    The truck ramps are demo-ramps and rocket-jump cabable.

    Solemnly posted,