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  1. Owli

    Pipe Works A1

    This map was inspired by a picture I took at work of pipes being dug up
  2. Green-One

    Thepit rc3

    This was my first map I ever made for Open Fortress, inspired by Q2DM1 but it quickly took on its on life! It has been tested with pretty heavily, The reason I'm uploading a Rc3 here first is because this had a few versions on Gamebanana. if there are any issues with this map please let me know...
  3. ArtZ

    Pinerock rc1

    2CP A/D map with an alpine setting. BLU pushes through a staging building to an open A courtyard and after sidewinding pushes up a hill to B, with buildings flanking either side.
  4. V1S4

    [Open][Beta] A supposed medieval map with a temple

    This map is just a map I came up with randomly. The map has a temple partially inspired by the temple seen in the film "Alien vs Predator". -3 points -The last point is on a tower! -You can survive the fall from the tower(if you have full health) -The torches can light arrows(there are candles...
  5. 9

    My first map :) 2020-12-04

    This is my first map, i made it with the sole purpose of being really open and having good sniper sight-lines.
  6. Mercia

    Radiotower A7b

    construction themed map This is my third map and I'm very happy with my mapping progress so far. Credits: The Construction Pack - various assets
  7. MirScout

    gravebyss A1_002

    Open dev textured wide and with cliffs map reporting! Used: Frontline pack; Arrows pack Birbs Some mumble... dev textures. I cant find dat, forgive me T_T "I love this map." credit: ME
  8. Dr.Pootis

    Temple v0.2

    A spiraling desert themed map in the late afternoon.
  9. Jaidendestroyer

    Forest Frontier A1

    Forest Frontier A forest themed mvm map hey, this is my first map, Forest Frontier! The missions for this map are just for testing, so if you have any ideas on what should be in the waves and mission be sure to say it :) Anyway, hope you have fun playing my map. Criticism Welcome!
  10. Charlie 2

    Train Yard a9

    A Big Payload Map
  11. Startacker!

    Startacker's deadbeat good-for-nothing useless and terrible maps (Open!)

    (Overly exaggerated title) Here's some maps that I've given up on/have no use for CP_WORKSTRAINED Ah, my first map I actually released, other than koth_insomniaplusboredom_a8. This map suffers the complete opposite of koth_yuckamuck (I'm pretty sure yuckamuck is gone, but if someone actually...
  12. Yogipanda | Team Heavy

    Sadly, Koth_Decoy_Below_v14 [Open][Beta]

    I have left TF2, the MyM update drew me to CS:GO and I haven't played TF2 in forever, and found this while browsing through my files... this is really sad for me because i LOVED making this map, every second of it. It is a partially serious map, the spycrabs should probably go (not even sure if...
  13. LordGrape

    Kolme rc1

    Hello once again mappers! Grape Industries has been very busy lately working hard to bring you guys a brand spankin' new map, entitled Kolme! This is a King of the Hill map with a few twists-the only way to find them is to play the game! Thanks again, LordGrape C.E.O. of Grape Industries
  14. Foot

    Headland A12

    First serious map attempt and submission to tf2maps. Currently at A10, looking for feedback to further streamline the experience. Thanks for the help and feedback so far.