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  1. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    slender_junction b1-b2-b3-b4

    JUNCTION Abandoned & Overgrown slender_junction is a recreated map for Slender Fortress gamemode. Featuring new visual looks, custom (15.ai) voice lines, new areas, and more. As the RED team, you have to follow Miss Pauling's orders - collect lost classified documents and survive till Sniper's...
  2. TheFluffycart

    KoTH Untitled A1

    As you can tell from the title, this is a map I gave up on so early into development, it never even got a name. Posting it out there so someone can take over and give it a good home.
  3. loomis

    koth_flatblock a1

    my first map,
  4. KrazyZark

    Multi Stage sidewind sidewind_b2

    This is my first TF2 map I'v gone this far into making, it would be very kind if you could send some feedback on how I could improve it.
  5. DrSquishy

    mvm_origins RC1

    A Mann Vs Machine map set in the snowy tundra. It has a large open area with a single bot path, and comes with 2 pop files, a normal one(Cave Dwellers) and an expert one(Bastard Bots). Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Made for Mappers Vs Machines
  6. GooGuGajoob

    5cp_jenkins (Collaborate or Claim!)

    Another project that was play tested and made it to A4 and was rather well received. Unfortunately, I know I will not finish this on my own so it's better at the hands of another. I've got demo files if you want to see how players used the map, all the resources you'll need when I hand it...
  7. GooGuGajoob

    cp_wartorn - Abandoned Frontline A/D concept.

    This is a short-lived A/D project I did for Frontline. It never made an alpha release, though I think CP1 has something neat about it that I hope someone could use. It was intended for 3 stage A/D. I'm willing to collaborate if you need help with your Frontline map, otherwise you've got...
  8. Yogipanda | Team Heavy

    Sadly, Koth_Decoy_Below_v14 [Open][Beta]

    I have left TF2, the MyM update drew me to CS:GO and I haven't played TF2 in forever, and found this while browsing through my files... this is really sad for me because i LOVED making this map, every second of it. It is a partially serious map, the spycrabs should probably go (not even sure if...
  9. Dribbleondo - Au Yeah

    Multi Stage Crystal Canyon b18

    "RED Team wants to build a new base in the canyon, while BLU Team want to preserve it. As usual, the only way to settle this is with an explosion." An in-progress, still unfinished reskin of Cactus Canyon that "abandonifies" the map, which adds Flowers, Trees, crystals, grass...the list goes...
  10. Billo

    PL_abandonedWoods RC10

    pl_Abandonedwoods is a Mayann Map If you like to kill Subscribe to it If you Hate Been Killed Like It and If you Like Likes Or Something Add it to favourites thats all
  11. Quin

    "Abandoned" Theme resource pack 2016-03-30

    Uploaded with Permission by Py-bun for her content Most of these props were created for Abandoned Upward or Abandoned Turbine. Any future releases for this pack will be added as soon as they are aviable. Most of the models include multiple skins. Contents : by Py-bun (Textures/models)...