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    Recharge Gaming League has crossed the pond. The very first season of Pick/Ban Prolander is coming to Europe! We're bringing with us a $1,000 prize pool! The league is completely free to play. This is the best time to try out this fast paced, fun and fresh competitive format.

    New team registration ends on April 22nd, and the league will begin on April 24th. Players who are looking for a team can post in the looking for team section of the RGL website.

    Register today at EU.RGL.gg website.

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    One the poster it says Pick/Ban Prolanders does that mean ban people from Prolander can play? I am guessing Pick is like the Scout.
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    Pick/Ban (if I'm correct) means that, for each match, both teams agree on what classes are banned for the match. Again, I'm not entirely sure: I've only been a backup for a steel prolander team, so I know very little about it.
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    Actually, I believe pick/ban refers to weapons, as in each team chooses certain weapons that they want to ban, or save from banning (pick), for the entire round.
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