[Request] Need a modeler for Christmas Themed Map

Discussion in 'Request Area' started by Uncuepa, Dec 2, 2014.

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    I am working on a Christ/Smiss-mas themed map, it's on it's merry way, but is lacking charm. I am requesting a modeler to help me out, by making some custom festive assets. While payment isn't an option, full credit is what I can offer in return.

    I know this is a long shot, but as a lover of the holiday season and a long time TF2 player I would love to know that someone is willing to help make a fun map!

    The map is payload, and would require something like a custom cart, props and effects, possibly. I am currently using a lot of winter themed stuff from the existing resources but it lacks that holiday charm.

    I am friendly, creative and easily reached (timezone permitting). I live in Aus, so afternoons in US are my mornings/midday's, and England is almost flipped in time.

    Hopefully someone in this community could help me out, and as a holiday sneak-peak, here's a WiP screenshot of the map only 3 hours after starting.


    Happy holidays and thanks!
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    I had a ton of fun doing a halloween map, I can imagine that this will look really cool when its done.

    Darn it, Booj beat me to it. That payload model was the first thing that came to mind.
    I remember there was also an icy payload cart that had icicles all around it. (Though that could have been done simply by adding them in as prop_dynamic and parenting them to the cart.)

    I remember a while ago E-Arkham was trying to figure out if the festive lights on the wires were caused by a specific condition. You should talk to him and see if he has found out anything, as that would be a cool addition to the map's theme.
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    I never found a mapper-controlled way of changing out ropes for xmas lights. It appears to be hard coded since it's changed during Smissmas updates. You could probably do it with a custom texture though; I just never bothered trying that since I was working on a deadline at the time.

    Speaking of deadlines, this request is very last minute for an Xmas map, especially without payment. You're basically asking someone to do it for free AND at a rush rate.

    [minirant]: You wouldn't expect someone to give away a freshly unboxed unusual for free, and that's about luck -- but for some reason asking someone to spend several workdays creating art or assets for free is okay.[/minirant]

    At this point, your best bet is looking for pre-existing props, here on TF2maps or possibly in the SFM workshop (not sure what the rules are for map usage are on those props).

    You could also try rescaling things like the Scout's candy cane or other existing festive items, but beware of your prop_dynamic limits.
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