Model Pokemon Tree Model (Easy)

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    Last model request thread didn't go so well, so this time I'll go with something much easier.

    I need a model for a tree, much similar to the ones in maps like pkmn_ecruteakcity_v4f_d. They are flat in terms of detail, but have multiple angles at which you can view the tree (eight visible faces in total). They also don't affect the map running quality or split visleafs like brushes with nodraw edges would.

    The exact tree would be much different however. The model would have to be 128 hammer units on all edges (if you have to go a couple units above or below to make it work, that's fine) and it would have to use the image provided below, labled "Tree.png" (first image). Edges would have to be clear so that only the tree is visible.

    Full credit will be provided to whoever submits it, and I will provide some reference images below. If you need any other details, just let me know. Thank you in advance!

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