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  1. Gravidea

    Lavender Town (Deathmatch/Trade Map) b1

    The small mountainside town of Lavender, home of the Pokemon Tower, where the spirits of Pokemon are laid to rest. This map is a 3D recreation of Lavender Town from Pokemon Firered and Leafgreen. The main centerpiece is the Pokemon Tower, with a DJ room on the final floor which hosts tracks from...
  2. r2d2upgrade

    Sentry Pokémon Cards 1

    I designed the Engineer's sentries but as Pokémon with their own cards! I have no playtested these, I just wanted to get the concept done.
  3. IAmKnotMax

    Rustboro City 5b

    Rustboro City from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. Includes the city, 3 connecting routes, and Petalburg Woods, Rusturf Tunnel, and Meteor Falls. Blu exits to Petalburg Woods, Red exits to Meteor Falls. All music in the map is affected by the music volume, although if you use snd_restart when a song...
  4. hutty

    ErectAMercs a1

    Erect-A-Mercs is a spin on pokemon using the TF2 characters. Although I didn't get far enough along to include everything I wanted to it is playable (locally). Currently you can face off in 1v1, taking turns making moves. You start with fixed teams, although the solider is a bit different...
  5. Gravidea

    Olivine City (Deathmatch/Trade Map) b3f

    The seaside city of Olivine from the Johto region, with a tall lighthouse overlooking the land and ocean alike. This is a large 3D Pokemon Crystal themed map made for hangout and trade servers. The final floor of the lighthouse comes with a DJ room that plays many songs from the Pokemon series...
  6. Gravidea

    Model Pokemon Tree Model (Easy)

    Last model request thread didn't go so well, so this time I'll go with something much easier. I need a model for a tree, much similar to the ones in maps like pkmn_ecruteakcity_v4f_d. They are flat in terms of detail, but have multiple angles at which you can view the tree (eight visible faces...
  7. Gravidea

    Sootopolis City (Deathmatch/Trade Map) b4f

    A recreation of the beautiful hidden Sootopolis ity from the game Pokemon Emerald version. The map is inspired from Frewie's pkmn_goldenrodcity, taking textures from the original game and putting them into place for a 3D map. The map is nice and open, making it fun to explore and rocket/sticky...
  8. Gravidea

    Tutorial Recomendations, making a Pokemon themed map!

    Alright, so here's the break down of things; I've been away from Hammer for a long time due to problems with my computer. It's been a few months since I last posted any threads because the computer I was using got trashed, and I lost all my files along with my motivation to create/work on maps...
  9. norfolk

    Ledian Fixed a1

    mtk_ledian! It's another Minute to Kill map from norfolk terrier. Who's surprised?
  10. slifer

    Concept Art: The Trainer

    I had an idea about bringing Ash's Kalos Outfit to TF2 and made a couple of Concept art for it, the jacket and the gloves, I don't really have experience on 3D modeling yet, but if anyone is whiling to do this a reality please hit me up! Thank you for watching!
  11. CyanideNoodles

    Model Looking to hire an animator

    I'm looking for people to animate some pokemon models I have for my tf2 Christmas map and static models. It's not too many. I had someone for it and they have not been coming on and providing work I needed. They need to have knowledge on doing collision and etc for maps so they can just send...
  12. CyanideNoodles

    Help with lighting

    I'm not so good at lighting when it comes to areas like this. No matter what I do it's either dim light the light is turned off, or its super bright and warm colored to the point it hurts your eyes. Can someone suggest something? I've tried changing the constant, the colors, the brightness, you...
  13. CyanideNoodles

    ED_alloc: no free edicts source HELP Map crashes!

    I am just about finished with my map, and ever since I added a small boss fight to my map, I get this error. I already deleted multiple areas to my dungeon. I don't even have that many props.. I read that light spots can cause this but I don't even have that many light spots compared to my other...
  14. obodobear

    Model Looking for some more props again

    There are some more props I'm looking for on my map, I have already looked through the game file props for them and haven't found what I'm looking for. I need it to look almost the same since it is based off of another game and I want it to look as authentic as possible. If anyone knows where...
  15. obodobear

    Model Need some props for my map

    I have no idea how to make my own but I need some props custom made because it is base off another game (treasure town from mystery dungeon). At the moment I need the tree the most but anything helps! Also in case you're interested I'm looking for someone to collab on this project w/ me just...
  16. obodobear

    Looking for some people to collab, or just help teach me

    So for the longest time I've wanted to make a tf2 map of treasure town from pokemon mystery dungeon time/darkness/sky but have never really been serious about it until now. I made some sort of ugly starting thing and know some of the basics like applying textures spawn rooms skybox ect. but I...