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  1. joemcjoeson

    How do I change the Model & Trail of the Intel/Flag in CTF?

    Howdy, I've been working on a CTF map where the two Teams cap Cleaning Supplies instead of the Intel. How can I change the Model and Trail Effect of the Intel? (Preferably to models\props_2fort\mop_and_bucket.mdl, the 2Fort Mop & Bucket Model) Please, and thank you :D
  2. XEnderFaceX

    Add in "Lab" instead of "Exit"

    Hey, I'm not really experienced in Model Creation, so i wanna ask, is it difficult to remodel this Prop to have it say "Lab" instead of "Exit"? Preferably in the same font and everything. Thanks in advance

    Gift Bomb Cart 1.0

    Do not open until delivery Just an experiment but if you want to use this in your map write to me on discord misterfriend or steam I'm interested ;) The gift bomb cart, replaces the default bomb cart for both teams. red-blu textures __ pyroland textures __ 2 LODs Skins: In game: PYROLAND...
  4. Fault in Maps

    72hr Jam 2023 Puffer Payload (Welsh Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive Payload Cart Model)

    For the first few hours of the Jam, I made a payload steam engine model for a payload cart. This was modeled live during the Hasty Handywork event at the start of the Jam! I would have gone farther, but the majority of my weekend was focused on prepping for a model train show next weekend, so...

    72hr Jam 2023 The beta bomb cart 1

  6. Scampi

    72hr Jam 2023 Steel Event misc. assets 1

    Contains: Dark wood texture variations of oak_01, oak_01a, oak_02, oak_02a, deadtree01, and skybox versions 1/16 scale light glow sprite for skybox use Log face and side textures for brush use, a red smooth wood texture, and a somewhat fancy iron grate Very basic stuff. All assets are simple...
  7. Tuff

    72hr Jam 2023 The Missing Milk carton 2023-09-17

    Hello! This is my first time upload anything here and my first time doing the 72hr Jam so yeah. This model is based on this image that is found on this blog post and ever sense I saw it I always wanted to model it and texture I didn't read the post...
  8. ethosaur

    The Meal v2

    Just a quick and dumb prop I made as a meme, but who knows, maybe you might find some use for it? Feel free to use for whatever.
  9. Mann Of Yes

    custom models

    ok so I just downloaded a "small" amount of custom content, and I am kind of new to the hole customization of hammer, so I have no clue have to add them. so thanks in advance. for more info I got them form the downloads.
  10. Yo Yo Bobby Joe

    Blender Exporting Model with Textures

    I'm working on this coral model for a map I'm working on. The color is a texture that I'm guessing gets exported alongside the model as the SMD. But the pockmarks, the normals, are procedural, made with nodes. Will Blender export that as a normal map with the rest of it, or do I need to bake it...
  11. nesman

    Tieless Tracks v2

    Needed these myself so why not release them.
  12. The Supreme Meme Lord™

    HL1 Loader port 1.0

    You ever need a suspiciously low resolution mover of crates? Well here it is! Ported straight from Half Life 1, this comes with three loaded animations, being idle, boxwalk, and rampwalk. Obviously, all rights go to Valve, so only bother crediting them, since I only did the conversion to work...
  13. The Supreme Meme Lord™

    Problems with SFM Beta Models

    So, I managed to get my hands on some one the leaked SFM models. Only problem, some of the models are missing textures. Seems pretty standard, only thing is, as the screenshot shows, the VMT appear to be loaded, they all have the VertexLitGeneric shader, but the textures appear to be missing in...
  14. The Supreme Meme Lord™

    Meet the Team Bell 1.0

    Ever got sick at bells not being Blu in your base, causing you to rapidly foam at the mouth and roll on the floor in agony? Well fear not, here you can have your Chad Blu bell (and a red version as well.) Feel free to not credit me, since the textures and models are Valve's I just edited the...
  15. The Supreme Meme Lord™

    Help with custom props

    So, I am trying to get my custom props to load into hammer, but they appear completely invisible, even in the model browser. The texture is formatted correctly, the wireframe and collision model are there, it's just gone. When I compile the QC file, I get no errors and it looks identical to a...
  16. CyanideNoodles

    Hiring someone to make my models into tf2 models

    Hello, I am looking for someone to port my models into my map. This is a commission not a freebie request. Theres maybe 40 models at most, prob less,you could easily finish it in a week. They are all extremely simple. Really really needing someone , as I dont know where else to ask . I would...
  17. Gruppy

    Cario Props v1

    A few props I was making for my map ctf_cario. Includes: Breakable banister prop with gib models Lantern Chain Also includes: QC files Texture sources and .blend files Make to kind of match the aesthetic of the Whark Arabian Market pack.
  18. Ðoge

    Default doors improved rc1

    Zero custom content, only in game textures and models For installation - place prefab folder to ...Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin
  19. Thetriztheexistentialneko

    MANN CO civ grade holo projector v2

    A small hologram computer Mannco sells to the public it comes with 5 custom holograms as well as TF2C Team color edits Its free to use hologram projector prop for you to use in your maps Addition texture advice and and AO help form @Wendy
  20. pont

    ctf_giants basalt assets 1

    sticks of rock as seen in ctf_giants. not to be confused with the traditional british seaside cylindrical boiled sweets of similar name. good luck rotating these all individually so you don't get texture tiling. it is an arduous process. THIS CONTAINS: - basalt column static props, under...