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  1. CyanideNoodles

    Hiring someone to make my models into tf2 models

    Hello, I am looking for someone to port my models into my map. This is a commission not a freebie request. Theres maybe 40 models at most, prob less,you could easily finish it in a week. They are all extremely simple. Really really needing someone , as I dont know where else to ask . I would...
  2. Gruppy

    Cario Props v1

    A few props I was making for my map ctf_cario. Includes: Breakable banister prop with gib models Lantern Chain Also includes: QC files Texture sources and .blend files Make to kind of match the aesthetic of the Whark Arabian Market pack.
  3. Ðoge

    Default doors improved rc1

    Zero custom content, only in game textures and models For installation - place prefab folder to ...Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin
  4. Thetriztheexistentialneko

    MANN CO civ grade holo projector v2

    A small hologram computer Mannco sells to the public it comes with 5 custom holograms as well as TF2C Team color edits Its free to use hologram projector prop for you to use in your maps Addition texture advice and and AO help form @Wendy
  5. pont

    ctf_giants basalt assets 1

    sticks of rock as seen in ctf_giants. not to be confused with the traditional british seaside cylindrical boiled sweets of similar name. good luck rotating these all individually so you don't get texture tiling. it is an arduous process. THIS CONTAINS: - basalt column static props, under...
  6. Gruppy

    Breakable Broom Prop V2.2

    Comes with gib models.
  7. Ismaciodismorphus

    Snowy Granary prop pack 10/20/2022

    Collection of props used on granary made snowy to make them fit into winter locations contains a zoo map of all the the props with the skybox ones seperated from the gameplay space props.
  8. CyanideNoodles

    How to fix view distance for models

    I feel really dumb asking this because ive been mapping for so long, but I had to reinstall stuff and since doing so, prop models are only visible if up close. How do I turn this off so they always are showing? its the one with the blue square around it
  9. Stack Man

    pl_brainblast assets a2

    Custom Content from pl_brianblast, including models and a number of overlays. Free to use with credit. If there are any missing assets or if you'd like the project files, don't be afraid to ask.
  10. Pinewabble

    Wabble's SpoOoky pack V2.1

    Some halloween themed stuff I had started but never finished/published, I might expand this pack at somepoint with more spookiness. Pack includes: Giant beating heart with 5skins (Red, Blu , Purple, Green and Yellow) "Working" Camera prop that can take pictures of the DEAD!! (and the mercs)...
  11. CyanideNoodles

    REQUEST need port models and textures for pay

    Hello, I am currently looking for someone to do 30 + models( all ports and majority very simple) from a Nintendo switch game. Need them made into compatible models for Team Fortress 2 . Looking to pay 200 to 400$ depending on how many we can do. I wouldnt need them until Early october. I also...
  12. Veliass

    A Tape Recorder model (also an artwork that took way too long) 2022-07-25

    Here is a model I made, and also a poster because why not... Always nice to take too long until 1 minute is left. Took some references, so the model isn't an exact copy of a real deck you could find on Ebay for $1,000. I don't plane to make it animated or have shinny lights right now.
  13. FancySnacks

    Double Barrel Flaregun [72h Jam] Alpha 1.0

    Double Barrel Sawed Off Menacing Flaregun for Pyro, do I need to say more? The downloaded file replaces Flare Gun in-game Heavily WIP, needs an actual texture, animation work and some modelling fixies Only started to work on it 10 hours before the deadline as I couldn't start earlier and...
  14. FoxTitle

    TF2 Summer Jam. Poster+model 1.0

    Also View: Poster by Model by Vector logo by
  15. Tumby

    72hr - St. Sampson Harbour Crane 0.1

    Download the finished model here: How to install: Put the folder "72hr_tumby_harbour_crane" in your "Team Fortress 2/tf/custom" folder. Model filenames: props_tumb/72hr_sampson_harbour_crane/arm.mdl...
  16. Trakmer

    {Model} Visitor From Time

    Doesnt matter where they run or when they hide but you will find them, thanks to this jacket and sweet visor doesnt matter where or when you go you will look the part. This year was quite the challenge, first time doing a jacket and managed to squeese the visor in the last hours, the rig for...
  17. Gruppy

    Bass Fish Prop V4

    Made mainly for func_fishpools and any fish related needs. 150 tris.
  18. Kowalo

    Infiltrator 2022-07-24

    Heat vision mask for Spy. 72hr Jam entry Concept by Le Bruhe Model and texture by Kowalo
  19. YuSher

    Hitman's Heatmaker 1

    I and my friends Scorch and Bonjabo took part in tf2 jam for the first time. In 2 days we made a cosplay for a rifle from tf2, but the preparation of materials and drawings began much earlier. Since I already had experience working with metal, I took over this part of the work. Scorch did all...
  20. DudeTheNinja

    Minecraft-Styled Sniper Stock Weapons Release

    Last jam, I made the Classic in a style reminiscent of modern Minecraft 3D-modeled items (like the Trident, the Spyglass, etc). This year, I decided to one-up myself and make not one, but three models in the same timespan - all of the Sniper's stock weapons (Sniper Rifle, SMG and Kukri)! All...