No love for Europeans?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by samorost, Oct 7, 2012.

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    Will there be a european tf2maps server one day? :(
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    There used to be one in Texas and London. Unfortunately we don't have the funds anymore. Most Europeans tend to get decent ping to the New York server, though. There's really no love for Australians, honestly.
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    not only london, but before that there was one in Germany somewhere, and then I think France.

    As yyler said, we don't have funds for a Euro Server atm, so we chose to do one more in the middle (NY). It's also more the fact that orgnaizing European Gamedays after a while was harder than US gamedays, alogn with getting a good turnout during those gamedays.

    The reason you don't see a lot of Australian servers is because (from what I can tell) it costs more to run an AU Server, than US or EU.... also, we don't really need one.
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    We had several EU servers over a period of a few months (Germany and London to name a couple) because we had trouble with EU server hosts being insanely unreliable. We can't be certain whether it was interest lost because of server quality or just TF2 aging more for EU players that US that killed EU interest, but in the end we had more EU players using our US server that we closed our un-used EU server and centralised our US server (From Dallas to NY) to accomodate those active EU players. So we have made efforts to accomodate as many people as is reasonably possible with our current funds.

    The main reason we stopped was techncially fund related as our donators dwindled and our admins had trouble making the difference, so it made sense to close the EU server.
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    A French named _FR_Starfox64 can maybe host one in France...