Mapping Ideas and such

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bonk sploosh
Aug 2, 2017
Hello TF2Maps community! I've come to talk about some map ideas and see what you think of them.
This thread will be for mapping Ideas of yours also! Have at it!

Here's something I've been thinking about. What if I made a 5CP map where there were no forward spawns? Instead of forward spawns, there would be doors that open and close depending on which points are captured. This would make engineer more viable without shaking up the gameplay too much. I could also do this with 3CP

What about a TC map? That would be interesting. I could make it an Attack/Defend TC map where if RED defends long enough, they wold go back to the last area, and if BLU captures, it will basically be like 3 stage attack/defend.

Tell me what you think in the discussion, maybe I could whip up an alpha for one of these.