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  1. SocknessMonster

    any spawn ideas?

    I think i have a good map chokepoint idea out but i need some good spawns that lead up to the chokepoint, any help? (sorry for the messed up ui)
  2. Dapper~Blueberries

    Help for a TC map

    So I have this TC map idea called Street Justice. It has a theme of socs vs punks with the socs being the red team and the blu team being the punks. How do I easily and natural advance each side with each round? Like I'm thinking the first round is a red barn vs the blu team's skate park and...
  3. Destskelen

    Trap ideas

    Hey guys. I'm currently doing a deathrun map. Her style - Wild West. Imagine what traps will be there, I'm not very strong. Therefore, I would like to know your ideas on this occasion. What are the traps worth doing, as well as describe their action. Thanks!
  4. FloofCollie

    Mapping Prompts

    Just like writing prompts - a collection of ideas, images or text, to help inspire mappers' next creations. I'll go first: A mirrored alpine CTF map where the midpoint is a trainbridge suspended above a valley. A Hydro/Industrial-themed 5CP map where the final points are surrounded by a...
  5. Cindycomma

    Mapping Ideas and such

    Hello TF2Maps community! I've come to talk about some map ideas and see what you think of them. This thread will be for mapping Ideas of yours also! Have at it! Here's something I've been thinking about. What if I made a 5CP map where there were no forward spawns? Instead of forward...
  6. Mathyaz

    Dusting off the Mapping Hat

    It's been almost two years since I logged in last! Time flies when you're on the social rollercoaster that is life. Anyways! Hey there, everybody! How are you? I'm doing great. I recently just got a full-time job and had my first kid; a baby girl that turned two months old today! I'm actually...
  7. Tango

    Need a idea

    Welp I am just kinda out of ideas I wanted to make a map with a boat as the main cp (koth_drydock) but I don't know what to do with the rest of the map... Suggestions or anything is helpful maybe it will spark something in my head.
  8. NuclearWinter

    Ideas needed

    Give me ideas for a CTF map
  9. Piesofthesky

    Anything you want to see in my payload map?

    I'm not sure if this belongs here, and if it doesn't, sorry. I've only one map before, and it didn't turn out too well. I learned the process of map development (at least the beginning), so it was worth my time. I have an ambitious project in mind, but I want to gain more experience before I...
  10. Ploomutoo

    New Game Mode: Multi-Payload

    You've tried one payload, you've tried two payloads, but how about three payloads? This game mode has two teams, attacking and defending. Blu, as always, will be attacking Red, who must defend. But what a twist! The attacking team must escort multiple carts to separate goals at the same time...
  11. Mathyaz

    Choices, Choices... (Help Me Choose!)

    I posted on here a while ago about a map I had started as my first "get back into it" map (named koth_subplatform), and after some discussion and research, I figured out it was way more of a pain to deal with just one piece to this map. So instead, I split the ideas up into two different maps...