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Jul 26, 2018
KOTH Metro - First serious map, designed around highlander.

My first serious map, based around competitive Highlander. I know there are some flaws with it, such as sniper having too much free reign, and I definitely aim to fix that. But for now, here's the current version.


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Oct 15, 2014
Looks really good for a first map!

Few pieces of feedback:
- Good use of height variation and routing options; it def feels like a "real" map haha

- Generally feels a bit overscaled, though that might just be cuz of the large buildings which is the asetetic i assume you're going for.

- The sightline in the screenshot below is way too overpowered. You could try turning those LED signs sideways and tightening up the ramps so theres just the one. That would block the sightline and make the far right side more of a flanking route

- This bit here feels a bit like wasted space (screenshots below). As a flank player, I want to run as far foward before potentially running into a sightline or a fight; but this just sharply turns off and theres no way to get into the gray building (where I would be able to do an effective flank) without turning around and heading up the stairs. I feel like those could be consolidated to feel more natural



I def think this map has potential to play well in highlander. If you run a play test i'd happily join in


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Jul 26, 2018
I know I just jumped from beta3 to beta6 and also I know it should really be in alpha stage but forget about that for now.
I've been updating it daily and kept putting it on serveme for playtesting. So I kept having to change the version every time because I can't replace a map on serveme.
I finally got around to updating it on here today.
I haven't finished doing everything I originally planned to do yet but I know what I need to fix. (Flank buildings, area around the ticket booth, spawn, flank rollouts)

Anyways, here's a change log. (In no particular order)
  • Changed many sniper sightlines in various ways. (adding props, moving geometry, getting rid of some sightlines all together)
  • Added metal sheet barriers under building outside mid-rollout.
  • Shortened and thinned out both flank buildings. (added stairs to get into elevator room)
  • Made building outside mid-rollout much thicker and taller, also narrowed out the "tunnel" underneath.
  • Added climb to flank buildings.
  • Added stairs (removed the truck) under flank buildings.
  • Removed the "temporary" wall.
  • Added a bit more cover on point. (forklifts)
  • Removed the bus outside mid-rollout.
  • Added a truck on the street near the ticket booth.
  • Changed props around elevator room a bit, added walls to block sightlines.
  • Narrowed out the street a bit.
  • Pushed spawn up a bit.
  • Removed alley all together.
  • Added a roof to the entrance/exit of (formerly) alley stairs
  • Changed a lot of clipping issues around the map. (player and bullet)
  • Probably a few other things I forgot about.

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Jul 26, 2018
I completely re-did spawn and rollouts in this version. Changed out the one-building spawn/rollout system from the last version. It's now a -- Spawn room(Train station when I get to detailing) to a train yard, to through-building rollouts, one of which, is a street that goes under a building. Also drastically changed the flank area.

CHANGELOG - Koth Metro B8
  • Overhauled spawn and rollouts, completely different.
  • Added Walkway/underpass crossing from the flank building to the main building connecting to bats, complete with cover.
  • Switched around the cover pieces in the main underpass
  • Added a dump truck to the street to inhibit sniper sightlines into the street.
  • Changed the stairs that lead up to the flank building
    • Switched the ammo/health packs to compensate for this movement
  • Closed of the indoor stairs, still can see into them.
  • Changed the area leading up to the point under the flank building.
    • Added boxes to block sniper sightlines
    • Thinned out the ramp to point a bit to make it easier to push onto it from this side
  • Added balcony instead of AC Units and awnings on the backside of the main building. --To ease rotations for (Off.)flank classes/spy (Def.)sniper.--
  • Moved around the forklifts on point to inhibit sniper sightlines.
Please let me know what you think of the changes and what could be improved upon in the future. If this version gets a generally positive consensus then I might start detailing the map.

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Jul 26, 2018
I had stopped working on this map for nearly a year, and now I'm finally back. And with this update comes a good few large changes and adjustments. I hope that I can receive more playtesting to help figure out the future of this map, as that is what I really need more than anything else in the development of this map.
Anyways here's the changelog...

---In no particular order---
-Replaced the boxes that were being used as the climb up to battlements with proper stairs
-Replaced the boxes near the lower flank platform with proper stairs -- in doing so I also changed the stairs/entrance into the elevator room
-Added a third forklift near the point for more cover and to block sightlines
-Shifted the two sets of barrels along the wall adjacent to the elevator shaft
-Changed the geometry of the main building and surrounding area
-Raised the roof and widened the section of the building near the rotation catwalk
-Lowered the smaller roof adjacent to the aforementioned main building to allow access to scouts w/o unlocks
-Minor shifts and changes to props and brushes under and around the aforementioned main building
-Removed the player clipping on top of the Japanese-styled roof model
-Added another car in the street below battlements stairs for more cover
-Shifted and changed several props, brushes, etc. around the map for various reasons

And that's about it. Thanks for all the support with the map.20200520202811_1.jpg 20200520202811_1.jpg 20200520202811_1.jpg

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