KOTH Metro b8

First serious map, designed around highlander.

  1. Koth_Metro Beta 6 Update

    I know I just jumped from beta3 to beta6 and also I know it should really be in alpha stage but forget about that for now.
    I've been updating it daily and kept putting it on serveme for playtesting. So I kept having to change the version every time because I can't replace a map on serveme.
    I finally got around to updating it on here today.
    I haven't finished doing everything I originally planned to do yet but I know what I need to fix. (Flank buildings, area around the ticket booth, spawn, flank rollouts)

    Anyways, here's a change log. (In no particular order)
    • Changed many sniper sightlines in various ways. (adding props, moving geometry, getting rid of some sightlines all together)
    • Added metal sheet barriers under building outside mid-rollout.
    • Shortened and thinned out both flank buildings. (added stairs to get into elevator room)
    • Made building outside mid-rollout much thicker and taller, also narrowed out the "tunnel" underneath.
    • Added climb to flank buildings.
    • Added stairs (removed the truck) under flank buildings.
    • Removed the "temporary" wall. (Probably should put it back lol)
    • Added a bit more cover on point. (forklifts)
    • Removed the bus outside mid-rollout.
    • Added a truck on the street near the ticket booth.
    • Changed props around elevator room a bit, added walls to block sightlines.
    • Narrowed out the street a bit.
    • Pushed spawn up a bit.
    • Removed alley all together.
    • Added a roof to the entrance/exit of (formerly) alley stairs
    • Changed a lot of clipping issues around the map. (player and bullet)
    • Probably a few other things I forgot about.
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