KOTH Metro

KOTH Metro b9

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KOTH Metro b9

First serious map, designed around highlander.

My first serious map, based around competitive Highlander. Let me know what you think needs changing and balancing!

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Latest updates

  1. KOTH_Metro Beta 9 Update -- Nearly a year long hiatus

    I had stopped working on this map for nearly a year, and now I'm finally back. And with this update comes a good few large changes and adjustments. I hope that I can receive more playtesting to help figure out the future of this map, as that is...
  2. KOTH_Metro_b8 Spawn and "flank/hut" overhaul update

    I completely re-did spawn and rollouts in this version. Changed out the one-building spawn/rollout system from the last version. It's now a -- Spawn room(Train station when I get to detailing) to a train yard, to through-building rollouts, one...
  3. Whoops wrong map version, I forgot to compile again... bruhhhh