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    I cant believe I have been on for 61 days and just noticed this existed now so I think its time I at least introduce my self.

    Hey everyone, I am a 23 year old Canadian electrical engineering student at his first year of university. Been playing tf2 since December 8th 2007 (if that badge is to be believed, its been so long I've personally forgotten).

    My first tf2 experience was from custom maps and since then I have loved playing on them as I saw their evolution and growth along with tf2 over the years. I have been mapping ever since I was introduced to hammer 7 and 1/2 years ago by a fellow clan's man who once did it. I like technology and of course videogames.

    Overall I am a pretty relaxed and like to work on perfecting things to get them right. I look forward to being with you all and seeing what kind of things can pop up.

    Side facts:
    - Been playing tf2 almost daily since I got it.
    - Like to create weird and interesting proof of concept ideas and see how they could play out.
    - Can program in 5 different languages (C/C++, Java and ASM being among a few).
    - Worked way up from stranger to system administrator in my old clan before they got rid of their tf2 server.
    - Currently an admin for the STT (Stop That Tank) official server.
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    Welcome to the community, Luigi!
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    YAY MORE peeps its always fun to have people to play with
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    Why, hello!
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    Happy late-ish welcome