Final Control Point - Detailing Mini Contest 2017

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    If people are posting their feedback and i have mine written out anyway i'll go ahead i guess.

    I had a pet peeve about almost all instances of dustmotes and non-indicated invisible walls, but I didn't take them into account lol.

    Also these were my informal notes so i probably spelled your name wrong
    asg- Definitely getting that hydro/badlands/that russian bunker intel room from last year feel. Some textures don't line up. Can be hard to get from place to place. Would've liked to see more of the outside. A bit of snow inside.
    viperi - like the color scheme/ theme. hole not built to fit laser, textures dont' line up. printer is very loud, hdr only :(
    beefbucket - Blinded by the hdr. Looks like a standard map point; not really any sense of finality besides small computer room beneath point. Would buildings this fresh looking be in the middle of an oil field?. Plain skybox, but accurate to the oil field theme i suppose. Road doesn't match up.
    exactol - The actual point seems tacked on. What does controlling the tree get you? the portal and japan gate don't seem to mesh that well, one is much more visually interesting. lighting and particles are good of course. Theme is intriguing.
    gorgonzola- There's a weird dark shadow from the ufo even where it's blocked by the roof. The interiors feel empty and featureless, might have been better to make a smaller building. Invisible wall. Not really sure about the fluorescent lighting in this farm building setting
    construction zombie- Good generic badlands/2fort stuff. Possibly accidental invisible wall. hdr a bit bright. Overall solid but not wowing
    hosmi- Some of the architecture and texture choices i actually really like, but not all of them. The cubemaps don't seem to be there, which is too bad because that really detracts from the planters, which are cool. Ramp has sik curves. haphazard placement of 'clean' and 'dirty' textures. I don't get what the deadly dirt is supposed to be.
    moonrat- good valve style, skybox is seamless, distinct red and blue sides, point seems understatedly final. some pipes seem to enter walls in unrealistic ways but eh
    puxxorb- Very good. It's like nucleus 2.0 in a good way. My only critiques would be that it's a bit toooooo much like nucleus and some tile abruptly changes shinyness in one place.
    quantum- Very good map-let with a creative theme. Some invisible walls but understandable, as there's no detail past. A nice laser across them'd do wonders for my pet peeviness
    smallbiscuit- Small but solid, good subtle contrast brown livens up the egypt theme somewhat. I guess tunnels won't be collapsed in the "real map"?
    smiley- pretty good theme. kinda jarring hl2 assets, a bit cluttery with the props. snow could start higher up. some snow inside. there's a microcrack. spawn is untextured
    tierrra - The "red barn" is well made, and actually uses dustmotes appropriately. There's not much else there tho. The skybox is nearly empty. Spawn dropdowns makes me hope this "map" is arena lol
    wolfen- Good explorability, but doesn't much resemble a tf2 map in layout. One missing model in the red spawn and the "cart with supplies" prop has no collisions. Why so much blood in blue spawn :|
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    I'm sure many of you are eager to find out the results.

    There was 43 responses to the form total and plenty of good feedback. I will work on copying the feedback out into a readable form tomorrow, as for now, here are the results.


    Congratulations @puxorb for winning 1st place!

    Second place goes to @Exactol and third place goes to @Construction Zombie

    I will be in contact soon regarding your prizes and good job to everyon, there was a good turnout and lots of great feedback.

    Keep your eyes out for the feedback dump tomorrow!
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    I know it's been a few days but I just wanted to thank everyone for the feedback, some of it I haven't gone through yet but I apprechiate it all the same, I don't doubt my fellow mappers feel the same way.

    I think I'm going to pull this idea back into my head for a while, I wanted to make it a "Snowplow" like map where one team tries to stop the moving cart with blocks along the creek while the other destorys them. Sadly, as many of you have pointed out, it didn't feel like that and that is upsetting and is why I wanna go back to other projects first, figuring out other ways to make rock cliffs and to maybe get inspiration elsewhere for how to enhance and make them better details and not just textures.

    Overall, I feel like I learned a lot through this contest and would once again like to thank Freyja for the wonderful idea and for the chance. Till next time, I wish everyone well with their next projects.
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