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KotH Farpine A2

A koth map between two radio stations.

  1. Carange

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    Farpine - A koth map aimed at casual-competitive 6v6.

    Deep in the mountains, two bases, Radio Exchange Directors (R.E.D) and Broadcasting Long-wave Utilities (B.L.U) have two satellite dishes interfering with each other, so who will get radio priority?
    Farpine is a map I am making aimed for Casual-Competitive 6v6. I has a simple layout, but that might change in the future. There isn't really a gimmick anywhere, just a standard koth map.

    The spawn with it's huge radio dish, I'm a little worried about spawn-camping so the doors here could change.

    Here we have the left-most exit to the court. It has a drop-down, and the clips on the pipes and fence are made so players can surf them for a quicker rollout.

    The previous room leads along a walkway and through a room to here, likely the main holding points for most teams, it has taken light inspiration from viaduct concrete and includes some interesting jump-and-runs for spies to use.

    The sniper decks. There is a jump you can do under the bridge that leads to a ramp-slide. Probably will end up a a roamer roll-out.

    The control point in all it's simplicity with high rocks to use as cover, and as a perch. The concrete area leads into here. The point is quite large, but is easy to spam.

    Finally, the level overview, it pretty much explains itself.
  2. Kyzer

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    That exposition is hilarious.