Fordway B1

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Fordway B1

Robots on a road trip

Hopefully a Mappers verses Machine entry.

Far down the New Mexico highway there is a small water plant with a huge amount of robots after it, yet they dont like water?

This MvM map uses the Hydro theme, and has a control point, which controls a ford, to allow more access for robots to the bomb hatch.
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Mann Vs. Machine
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Latest updates

  1. Last minute decoration

    Textures Props Some rooves Seams Light Optimisation I thought I might need to get beta out before I'm away. I made beta in three hours so its a bit rough (alpha-beta I guess).
  2. Remaining fixes + New bot spawn

    Changed some ammo packs. Remade bridge and added a door. Remade bot spawns. Remade bot drop area. Fixed seams. Some decoration. Changed the pop files a bit. Fixed point. Added more outputs to point (bomb reset + nav_avoid) Fixed some Z-fighting...
  3. New point and lots of other things

    Okay, there's quite a bit. Removed old control point exept for the bridge leading to it. Added new control point above warehouse. Added route from the main area to warehouse. Recreated the lower area after warehouse. Added forward upgrade...