Fordway B1

Robots on a road trip

  1. Carange
    Hopefully a Mappers verses Machine entry.

    Far down the New Mexico highway there is a small water plant with a huge amount of robots after it, yet they dont like water?

    This MvM map uses the Hydro theme, and has a control point, which controls a ford, to allow more access for robots to the bomb hatch.


    1. mvm_fordway_b10000.jpg
    2. mvm_fordway_b10001.jpg
    3. mvm_fordway_b10002.jpg
    4. mvm_fordway_b10003.jpg
    5. mvm_fordway_b10004.jpg
    6. mvm_fordway_b10005.jpg
    7. mvm_fordway_b10006.jpg
    8. mvm_fordway_b10008.jpg