Backwash B4

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Backwash B4

A jungle 5CP map at night

Backwash is a tropical island hosting the two opposing bases.
It showcases a mix in layout between some maps like metalworks and gullywash.
This has nothing to do with backs or spit, yeesh

Entry for the Connect 5 contest.

First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. Mid Changes, Optimisation (again) and small additions.

    Last major update before Connect 5 deadline Changes - Mid is basically flipped with choke entering on the highground. The construction room leads to be longer but closer to mid. Cap times are increased to stop wiping teams once to steamroll...
  2. 3D Skybox, optimization and small detail overhauls

    Changes - Widened towers at spawn. People holding mid now have a 2 second longer respawn. An out of place looking fence otside lobby has been shortened. Garage shutters have been untilted. Clipping on doorframes. Windows at mid have a...
  3. Bug fixes and some detailing

    Changes - Pipes under last have been changed to improve lighting. The wooden hall before last has now got clipping around the scaffolding. All game logic has been restored (i.e. doors, control points) Added overlays on all health and ammo packs...

Latest reviews

There is hardly anything going on visually, the map is a chaotic mess in terms of height variation, and there are quite a few draw distance errors in props as well as broken areaportals and displacement leaks.