Backwash B4

A jungle 5CP map at night

  1. Carange
    Backwash is a tropical island hosting the two opposing bases.
    It showcases a mix in layout between some maps like metalworks and gullywash.
    This has nothing to do with backs or spit, yeesh

    Entry for the Connect 5 contest.



    1. cp_backwash_b40000.jpg
    2. cp_backwash_b40001.jpg
    3. cp_backwash_b40003.jpg
    4. cp_backwash_b40002.jpg
    5. cp_backwash_b40004.jpg
    6. cp_backwash_b40005.jpg
    7. cp_backwash_b40006.jpg
    8. cp_backwash_b40007.jpg
    9. cp_backwash_b40008.jpg
    10. cp_backwash_b40009.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Jack5
    Version: B4
    There is hardly anything going on visually, the map is a chaotic mess in terms of height variation, and there are quite a few draw distance errors in props as well as broken areaportals and displacement leaks.