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Environment Gallery - No more decompiling of Valve's maps! 1.0

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Jan 31, 2008
Environment Gallery v1.8

New in version 1.8:
  • Added the engineer update maps



This map contains the environmental entities from every Team Fortress 2 map by Valve and cp_egypt.
I will try to release updates as Valve release maps with a new skybox.
The entities for each map are grouped together so you can easily copy them to your map.
The light_environment contains the skybox name in the comments, make sure you copy that to the map's skybox name.

The entities are exactly the same as in Valve's maps with a few exceptions:

- I have removed the outputs that are map-specific in the logic_auto
- I removed the hammer id keyvalue in all entities (I believe this is a side effect after decompiling)
- The color_correction entity for cp_badlands which was located above the center controlpoint
had a fade distance. I changed it to be over the whole map (-1 and -1). The original values are 6000 and 7000.
- The audibility distance on the soundscapes are all set to -1.

Enjoy :)
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Jul 15, 2008
So I can simply copy-paste those and my map will have the exact same ligthing as the map?


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Mar 25, 2008
this is helpful, thanks.

do they have to be in the actual map (besides env_sun)? because I have a box of entities (nodraw around it) that is seperated from the map, and I want to put them there


I am inactive and make horrible maps
Oct 29, 2008
Thanks a lot, I fail at making good lighting on my map and this really made the lighting better.


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Mar 25, 2008
1 thing I would add is the soundscape(s) of each map listed somewhere. Just be sure that people know that you can't just add one soundscape entity


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Jan 9, 2009
Can you do cp_egypt and update the file? I would appreciate it so much!

Is that allowed? Since it isn't from VALVe.
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Jan 31, 2008
Updated to version 1.1 now :)

Added soundscapes, egypt, and a little documentation of detail sprites.


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Apr 30, 2008
Freaking awesome. Please don't flash me anymore, with your awesome work.
Thanks for your work.