Do you want custom intelligence models (AMC#4, PLEASE READ THOUROUGHLY)?

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    So you want custom intelligence models (AMC#4, PLEASE READ THOUROUGHLY)?

    I've had several requests already for people who would like custom intelligence models built specifically for their contest entries. Since I've already had half a dozen requests, I figured I'd put this out there:

    So far there are 38 entries. We all know things happen and these don't all become finished maps, but seeing as how AMC#3 was still 16 entries, that's a pretty promising number. With that many entries you can imagine that there have been already quite a number of requests for both custom intelligence models and other models. So will I make them for you if you ask?

    The short answer is: yes.

    But it's a complicated answer. If you ask me for a model, I want to do the best possible job I can for you. Which means my workload is going to be full at least part of the time, and it's possible I will not be able to fill every person's specific request before the time is up. So please keep a few things in mind, and look below for some guidelines before asking me for a custom intelligence model:

    *Your map should be at least in the B1 stage or entering a similar stage before I start working on your model (this means no major changes in layout, gameplay--and your map should be mostly detailed; beta versions are for tuning things like balance, exploits, bugs, etc). I'm asking this because I realize ideas are an evolutionary process, and ideas are never the same after fully hatched. I want you to be certain stylistically and thematically that your map won't change and require a completely different type of model--that would put extra work and wasted time for myself. Additionally, please do NOT RUSH through your alpha stages just to get a model. That's a piss-poor idea and will only lead to misery. Terrible misery.

    *First come first serve basis (assuming that you've already meet the guideline above this one). I want to please every one of my clients needs first before moving on. I won't be hurrying through any of these just to be finished. If time runs out before the contest is over, that's just how it goes.

    *Have some ideas of what you'd like. Keep in mind that it helps to fit stylistically into your theme to have intelligence models that make sense, that do things, accomplish tasks, activate doomsday machines, etc ( I'm not just going to make another briefcase. That's boring. Which leads to the next guideline.

    *Be willing to work with me creatively about the design and function of your model. First and foremost is you, the client, and to make sure that you're pleased with your content, and that means I will make what you ask for, given that I agree that it's a venture worth pursing, and a good idea. I hate working on boring, underdeveloped ideas. I'll be willing to help fill in the gaps where you're unsure about design aspects, appearance, function, etc...but more the exciting the concept, the more I want to make it a reality. So come to me prepared, bring images, sketches, descriptions. The more, the better.

    *Give me adequate to finish your model. These things take time. I'm probably going to be busy.

    *Be nice to me! We're going to have creative differences, but that's part of the process. If we have them, it's not that I don't like your idea, but that I don't think it's the best possible solution. Hell, my clients often have better, more exciting ideas than I do.

    So that's it. If you feel you meet these requirements, please PM me. Also, realize that I'm not the only one out there--

    Acumen's work speaks for itself, and if you can sweet talk him into it, I'm sure he'd make something for you! (

    Also there are various other members around the TF2Maps community that love to model. I won't mention names (unless you want me to, I'll add your name here) for sake of them being spammed to death with requests, but if you can't find anyone to work on your model, you can always post in the request section of our forums. That's also the place to ask for other models. I could still build your other props for you, but they have to be interesting enough for me to want to spend my time on them.

    So good luck, and make some killer maps (and save ctf as a gametype while you're at it)!
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    Reading it a certain way makes the whole post fun. :O
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    41 maps by the by.
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    Ah man, how can I request my crazy turtle-with-icecream-van-shaped intel now? Sheesh :p
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    /me wants payload intel
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    Uh, a bit of a thread resurrection there. Rexy isn't really around here anymore. You'd have to talk to him on steam about this to be in for a chance of getting something like this.