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  1. D

    How to download map making assets

    I want to start making makes and I found the frontline assets (Frontline supply drop v2) but it is a download package and I don't know how to get it into the hammer map maker, I read that you had to use Compile pal, but I don't know how to use that either
  2. Scampi

    More compiling issues

    Alrighty, here I am again, suffering from more compiling madness. Here's the rundown: I have been incrementally making a detail map (not for gameplay, probably) and compiling after each large change. It's loaded with custom content, and each time Compile Pal has been able to pack it all up...
  3. Scampi

    CompilePalX Crashes on Launch [RESOLVED]

    Sorry to post another question so soon after the last, but this one is more urgent. Compile Pal X crashes after I select version to launch (Tf2 and Hl2 both cause crashes). This just started after a windows update, and I'm still picking up the pieces of everything else that broke. Here's the...
  4. Scampi

    Curious issue with Compile Pal

    Hello again. I've recently started to use compile pal with my smaller mapping projects, and it's really quite something. Now that I've gotten it to pack custom content automatically, it's glorious. However, there's a pretty glaring issue I'm having with it so far that prevents me from using it...
  5. Scampi

    Getting custom content to work

    Quick question to add to the stack of all the one's I've asked so far: How do I get custom textures and models to not show up as errors in-game? I know it's a newbie question, but I was under the impression Compile Pal would sort that out and it doesn't. Maybe I read it wrong or something. Any...
  6. The Siphon

    TF2 crashing after CompilePal compile?

    I made an airstrip map designed for SFM. Now I finished everything so I had to pack all content etc. I used CompilePal, since most people recommend it. When I finished the compile the game kept crashing every single time I tried to load the map. I tried to do 5 compiles with CompilePal and it...