Alien UFO and Mothership Particles 1.0

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    OKAY, SO, I want to apologize ahead of time with how extremely late I'm getting this thread updated. What with juggling college, a game jam, social life, and some chainsaws. It's finally all up though! The update includes some minor fixes to some various particles, a BIG fix to the portals, and some new particles to have even more fun with! Pretty late for adding anything now, but great for if you wish to continue with your map after the contest is over.
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    question. the update vent live and garrys'mod shows those particles in tf2 directory but tf2 doesnt see it and i also can't find it in game files.
    i think those files should be in tf2 and when im right then where are they?
    when those particles aren't in game then can i have every .pcf that already exists in tf2 maps? i like particles and they makes the map more lifeful.
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    They are packed into the map files that use them as only the maps were licensed to be used, the assets weren’t bought separately.