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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Mr. Calhoun, Aug 10, 2010.

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    From Paris with love.
    Or how I make GabeN loose 400,000 $ per 12 seconds.

    1.0.*** Why We Farm ***

    Fräuleinz & Gentlemen,

    In the late phase of the war between the Builders Leauge United (BLU) and the Reliable Excavation Demolition (RED) both companies began to send their employees into Achievement Farms for advanced education in the use of new tools of massbuilding and massdemolition. However, several employees which were sent to Achievement Farm #23, also known as the Large Achievement Collider, or sometimes just called the Achievement Turbo Farm have gone missing. There are some rumours about weird experiments driving employees of RED and BLU insane. According to some employees Hans Kent also known as Supermedic has been spotted flying through the achievement farm.

    Your mission:
    - Find out what happened to the missing employees of RED and BLU.
    - Gain all achievements and test the new tools of massbuilding and massdemolition.
    - Find Hans Kent

    2.0.*** Features ***

    - Unique achievement map which doesn't take itself serious.
    - Map especially desigend to prevent trolling.
    - Four lockable and private achievement boxes.
    - Boards with descriptions for all class related achievements.
    - Special control point at BLU's spawn with a long time to capture makes it possible
    to do achievements with bots and AFK players which require them to capture the control point.
    - Offers the possibility to gain all achievements for CP and CTF maps.

    - Offers the possibility to spawn Dispensers and Sentry Guns.
    - Every team has a small private room.

    3.0.*** Eastereggs ***

    There various rumours of employees who went crazy at the Achievement Turbo Farm.
    Here is a list of a couple of things they've done and you might see:

    - The Horror Pyro: A Pyro went crazy after a portal opened in his house and he was teleported into the Achievement Turbo Farm. He will try to scare you. So be careful!
    - The Garden of Love: Only a few details are known to us about it.
    - The Engineer's Shack: We send a couple of employees into the Engineer's shack right at the entrance of the Achievement Turbo Farm. But they never came back.
    - The Hidden Portal: An Engineer constructed an invisible teleporter to the Pyro's house. Three hidden buttons around the place where the Engineer is activate it. But only one button is the right one.
    - The Medic Doctrine: The Medic has become afraid of Spy attacks. Therefor he now observes everything in a little observation post.
    - Mind Games: The Medic has begun playing games in his mind. Force him to tell you a hint about what games he has been playing.
    - The Scout's Prank Call: The Scout has tried to harrass the Engineer with prank calls. But the Engineer didn't cared. Try to find the Engineer's intercom in order to play the message which the Scout has left on the answerphone system.
    - Anti-Mass Spectrometer: Spies have reported that the Pyro has hidden an Anti-Mass Spectrometer in his house. Find it!
    - The Mentlegen Man: Rumours say that a Spy was captured by a couple of men dressed in white coats for special experiments. Find him and find out what these men are planning to do.
    - Pyrolympics: The Pyro has a sports field somewhere near his house. Find it and play some games!
    - Men Without Hats: You can dance if you want to. You can leave your friends behind. Cause if your friends don't dance and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of Pyro. And not welcome at his disco.
    - Hans Kent: Rumours say that there is a secret code hidden somewhere and somehow which is related to Hans Kent aka Supermedic.

    4.0. *** Notes ***

    - Feel free to play this map and install it on your server
    - Special thanks to the 3-PG clan for running and testing the map.
    - Special thanks to GamingDeluxe for running and testing the map.
    - Check out GamingDeluxe's 24/7 Achievement Server: IP
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    Does realy achievement maps fit in on
  3. Mr. Calhoun

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    It's more than just a simple achievement map.
  4. Prestige

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    let's get a gameday on this. achievement maps are not really suited for tf2m. better suited for fpsb.
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    That being said, I do actually enjoy running around in this map for some reason.
  6. lana

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    I never saw an achievement map that took itself seriously.
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  7. StickZer0

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    After missing out on the mecha engi because I dismissed achievement_goldenwrench as a useless map, I think i'm gonna look at this map and see what goodies I can uncover :D
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    Where can i download the textures for this map?
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