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  • Alright, so after a couple of games together tonight, Radaka, Gentlemanne (BLiND) and I hastily decided that during our last few days of this fine Beta, we should try to set up a little tournament to send it off with a bang. So, in the span of 3 or so days we have to do this, how many people would be interested in an around 8 Player Ladder of our best and brightest battling it in the bosh? If results are positive enough within the next 24 hours, we can get underway. Time is of the essence.

    That was as far as I got before realizing that I am away for the weekend. Wow. I can't believe I had forgotten, so I at least would not be able to participate and even without my wonderful help I think a 3 day proper tournament is maybe a little over our heads. When the Beta comes back for the few weeks before release we should definitely give it a go but now, I think is not opportune.
    That picture makes me look fat. FYI the chair i'm sitting on is exactly the same color as my shirt.
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