72 Hour Jam 2020

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Takes way to long to make and update maps
Jun 11, 2015
snip snop
I'd suggest using manifests; Fubar has a great guide on the basics and how to use them for collaborative mapping, and Tyler has a much more in-depth general guide which doesn't quite go into collaborative mapping, but is very helpful for wrapping your head around how manifests work exactly. Also, in Frozen's article on Snowplow, he discusses using instances for collaboration, which are somewhat similar (but not quite as useful for collaboration, IMO) to manifests.
As for sharing, I'd highly suggest using a version control system so you can see who made what changes and easily merge changes (plus, along with manifests, means you can both work on separate parts of the map at the same time, and merge them easily). GitHub recently gave all users access to creating infinite free private repositories, and is pretty good, so that's what I'd suggest. Hope this helped!


Aug 6, 2016

havin fun in the s un. takin naps and makin maps
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Jan 31, 2016
Gentlemen, synchronize your 72HR watches.

We have seventy two hours to submit. For most men, no time at all.

We are not most men.

We are creators. We have the resources. The will. To make these hours count!

The clock is ticking, gentlemen. Let's begin.

Our first content submission is Scout's.

He's... ...drawn a picture of me getting hit by a car.


(*single chuckle*)
Apr 10, 2014
I planned on doing a TC map, but I lost all motivation for about half the jam duration. I was able to muster up enough to salvage what I already made, so here's my submission, Auclair! It's a powerhouse-style CP map on the moon!



Tasty Salamanders

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Aug 2, 2017
Tried my hand at fanfic again.

Unfortunately due to work, Father's Day (which is early September here in Australia), and other family stuff wasn't able to put as much work in as I would have liked, but it seems to be about the same length as my submission last year, so I guess it is still something.