2Fort Sniper

A TF2Maps 72 Hour Jam fanfic

  1. Tasty Salamanders
    2Fort Sniper
    Filling yet another jar, the Sniper kept his eye on the field, he would not miss – bullet or stream.
    In the distance he saw them – A Heavy and Medic slowly slumbering over, the Sniper took aim and the Medic dropped. The Heavy turned in confusion and alarm, the Sniper disappointingly considered who the Heavy had suspected before forcing him too the ground too – his arch nemesis – The Spy.
    Sniper sealed the lid on the perfectly filled jar – he did not miss – he does not miss. If that Spy made a move on him today he would have another thing coming, something yellow and warm.

    The Sniper continued surveying, he watched as his team pushed across the bridge and even more carefully he watched as some retreated for supplies – for some of those returning might not actually be returning at all. Simply disguises. Sniper checked the jar was still present at this thought.

    Across the bridge a Soldier propelled himself into the air and towards the base, two options presented themselves to the Sniper but within an instant he had decided and took aim. While he could have ran to safety, delaying retreat to take aim meant retreat would not be possible if he missed. So having taken aim, he knew this shot had to count. Aiming at ahead of the arc of the falling Soldier he fired and what landed next to him was nothing more than a rag doll.

    Suddenly from within the base he heard the cry of the Engineer – his sentry was down. Sniper wondered if a push had been made through the sewer, or if the alternative had came to pass. However he maintained his position and keep an eye on the entrance to the base. He heard no further noise, neither the sound of his team being killed, nor the sound of the enemy being killed. It was unlikely they would have made a sudden retreat like that, Sniper knew who had taken down that sentry.

    What would be the next move thought the Sniper? Would the Spy make a run for the intelligence? Or would he try and clear the way for the rest of his team to push forward?
    As the Sniper considered whether he should change positions to cover the intel but potentially allowing a push, a Pyro stepped out of the base. Was he after the Spy too? - Or perhaps? The Pyro advanced forward towards the Sniper, but ignored the corners that a Spy might hide in – Sniper knew what was up but he remained calm.

    As the Pyro came in close the Sniper whipped around, propelling the jar towards the Pyro – no – the Spy. The Spy barely had time to react as the jar shattered upon him, however the first thought he had was that he was ok, followed by confusion – why was he ok? The Sniper had attacked him, he wouldn't have left him uninjured, he felt more confusion as he released he was covered in something, he looked to the Sniper who hadn't finished him off but instead looked at him with a smirk. The Spy could smell it, he knew what this was, his shock and disgust was short lived however as the Sniper finally took aim and finished the dead. He does not miss.

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  1. Anonymous
    He does not miss. I love it!