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Mar 31, 2012
5PowerHouse - Powerhouse as 5cp instead of 3cp

Today PowerLord left a post on a thread that said

"Powerhouse feels like a 5cp map where Valve removed the 2nd and 4th points.

Heck, you can even tell where they used to be, in what's sometimes referred to as "the launch room."

That got me thinking about how Powerhouse would play as 5cp instead of 3. So I fallowed PowerLord's advice and put a 2nd and 4th point in the map in the Launch Room. I also added a forward spawn for both teams, changed up the final spawn for both teams a bit as well as changing some textures on blue side to make it more unique.

This map isn't meant to "fix" Powerhouse necessity but to see how it plays as 5cp instead of 3.


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Apr 10, 2014
This is a good idea, but there might not be enough room between the points.


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Jun 8, 2016
Alright, after taking a look in hammer, I have found that this is incorrect (sorry, but I have to point that out). The missing control points did not go in the "the launch room," but rather, the real final caps were meant to go behind the walls at the end of the bases.

Here are some pictures (I apologize in advance for not properly cropping them):

If we take a look behind wall number 1!

We find a placeholder window (I really didn't expect that window tbh).
You can barely tell here, but the area back there has alot textures for being unplayable space.

Taking a look behind...
Some other brushes you can see placeholder doors (the highlighted brush). There are also more dev textures.

Further into the small space to the right of the placeholder window I found what appears to be a flank route.
The brush selected is meant to be detail seen outside the map, but it's actually a full func_door

This is from outside that door on BLU's side, and I noticed that the stairs here have a dev texture (That's visible in a game! and RED's stairs don't have this dev texture). Also I believe that the small concrete walls here and above used to be windows, because it only seems reasonable (where the BLU logo is).
Also, there is a playerclip there that is seemingly for no reason. It's an unplayable space, so why would a clip be needed?
Now I can't say for sure, but it was probably something to do with a flank route, or a spawn area.

Nevertheless, there's evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Powerhouse's missing CPs went behind the current "last" CPs.

Fun Fact: Apparently Valve preferred RED in this case, because BLU doesn't have any of these placeholder brushes (most likely because they never needed to be copied over).

*Sidenote: I checked ingame because this is the original version of the vmf from Gun Mettle, and the stuff here is still there.