5PowerHouse a1

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5PowerHouse a1

Powerhouse as 5cp instead of 3cp

Today PowerLord left a post on a thread that said

"Powerhouse feels like a 5cp map where Valve removed the 2nd and 4th points.

Heck, you can even tell where they used to be, in what's sometimes referred to as "the launch room."

That got me thinking about how Powerhouse would play as 5cp instead of 3. So I fallowed PowerLord's advice and put a 2nd and 4th point in the map in the Launch Room. I also added a forward spawn for both teams, changed up the final spawn for both teams a bit as well as changing some textures on blue side to make it more unique.

This map isn't meant to "fix" Powerhouse necessarily but to see how it plays as 5cp instead of 3.
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