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Penance (VScript iterations) 23w11a

The only Mann they fear is you

With Alecsa's permission, this is a reupload of vsh_penance intended for more rapid iteration of VSH-VScript gamemode.
First release
Last update
Versus Saxton Hale (VScript)

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Latest updates

  1. 23w11a

    * Layout changes. * More Merc changes: ** Demo Shield blocks a single blow and breaks. ** Market Garden deals 150% of your Damage Quota. ** Uber-charge build-up rate is double for all mediguns. ** Wall-climb (available on all classes) now...
  2. 23w10a

    23w10a: * New third- and first- person animations and particles for Saxton. Credits to Velly and Maxxy. * Melee wall climb - a custom ability for all classes. Watch your health! * Fixed a bug when Hale could punch during Charge and Slam. 23w09b...