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Rotunda a7a

Crimes Against Instances

Hi! I present Rotunda, a King of the Hill map set in an abandoned steam engine workshop. This map is directly based on the mapping technique developed by Kungfusquirrel for koth_roundhouse. It has been made with a very large number of instances and a lot of trial and error.

Currently features Gadget's railway track models along with several train models from the Facepunch Vehicle pack. Detailed asset list will follow as development continues.

Known issues:
-Performance. The map is round. I'm still working on optimization.
-The turntable can be blocked by players. Will be fixed eventually.
-Sightlines. Well, yeah. Work in progress.
First release
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. a7a - QOL

    -Plenty of minor fixes -Lighting adjustment -Made access to the point broader, WIP
  2. a7

    -Finalized new point design -Better lighting -Optimization
  3. a6c - new mid

    -Remade mid